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Lohtzin Atozolklio


Do not listen to the slander-peddlers on the streets. I am an honorable, successful man. You should be grateful to have one such as me as your leader!
— Lohtzin Atozolklio
  Lohtzin Atozolklio is the current leader of Rektouzk, having inherited his father's wealth before his father could be appointed as Tichoul, or literally, wealthy leader. A brash, impatient man, he is despised by many who find themselves wondering just how he had come to power.  

Doubted Inheritance

Rektouzk is a meritocracy, and as such, the grand majority of leadership positions are filled by those deemed to have amassed the most wealth— and thus success— as determined by the Coulchlek Merchant's Guild. However, when the time came to appoint a new leader, the most promising successor was found dead in his home. The man had, however, left his vast wealth to his son— Lohtzin— making him the most successful and thus being appointed as Tichoul.   This was, of course, met with no shortage of controversy. It was no secret that Lohtzin's father had a poor opinion of his son; rumor had it that Lohtzin had, in fact, been disowned years prior. How had he claimed his father's inheritance if this was the case? The timing and details of the man's death were suspect as well, with Lohtzin as the first to find the body. This conflicts with reports from neighbors which claim that the estate guards had been mysteriously absent, and Lohtzin never appeared. In fact, none had seen the two together in years.  
I had happened upon my father's corpse in his estate during one of my frequent visits. He sat in a great chair of Romtuun make, his glazed eyes overlooking the sun setting over the horizon. My heart burst at the sight, and I had to flee in order to curb my swelling emotions.
— Lohtzin Atzolklio
Any investigations into the matter soon ceased, and a number of investigators found themselves enjoying luxurious new homes. The evidence is clear to most, and yet, Lohtzin remains on the throne.  

A history of disappointment

Lohtzin's father had good reason to think poorly of his son. He had, time and time again, entrusted Lohtzin with trade deals and ventures— all of which failed shortly thereafter. Thousands in coin had been sunk into his son, who never failed to disappoint his father. Once, feeling particularly generous, his father had entrusted him with securing an exclusive trade deal with Tollouchi artisans.   This would have made them the only ones selling the prized goods within Rektouzk's capital, and become a massive boon for their wealth. Lohtzin, impatient for the mere potential of future income, used most of the money given to him by his father for the deal to instead buy himself a third home. What money remained insulted the artisans when offered, and the deal was closed.   Neighbors who overheard their argument soon after claim that Lohtzin swore to his father that he would become "the richest man ever born" before leaving the estate.  

Hostile Policies

Almost immediately after becoming Tichoul, Lohtzin publically boasted about plans to go to war with Romtol in the north, a move that not only would disrupt profitable trade with a country they were on good standing with, but also disrupt trade with Louh and the Gokh which relied on routes through the territory.   Some believe this desire to be the result of him harboring a grudge against the artisans of Romtol following his prior failure.
They mock us! Compare yourselves to them, some of you will die for your work— yet they feel it entirely justified to take entire days to rest! Think of the profit our so-called partners have lost you!
— Lohtzin Atozolklio
This was not received well by Tollouchi living within Rektouzk's borders, and trade between Rektouzk and Romtol began to dwindle shortly after. However, Lohtzin found support among those who had long harbored similar feelings towards their people— believing that they could be making a great deal more profit off the work of the famed artisans. Anger not only directed at them, but other groups, including other Coulqepluex, who resisted the deadly ideology that had become rooted in Rektouzk— the belief that one must profit off of every moment of their lives. Soon, crimes carried out on the basis of ideology began to become more and more frequent. Many shops closed, and advantageous Coulqepluex business-owners were quick to take their place. Nouex, too, who had long been mistreated within Rektouzk due in part to their opposing ideology, found themselves subject to more violence and vitriol than usual.
I strongly urge that those who harbor unheeded ill-will towards us ponder why, exactly, they allow these feelings to fester. We wish for nothing more but peaceful, joyful lives— just the same as you.
— Romtol's Pomm, in a speech shortly following Lohtzin's tirade
Lohtzin then increased taxes on imports from Romtol, and began to halt merchants crossing the border for inspection— on the grounds that they may desire to smuggle weaponry for their cause. This was a thinly veiled ploy to seize their goods without needing to pay for them, the mercenary guards profited well from this, and sent a cut of the plundered wares back to the capitol.  
  Many fear what Lohtzin may attempt next, as the man controls the largest military and economic power in the known world. If he truly wanted, he could forcibly take anything he desired. There has not been any war against Romtol as of yet, but the people live in fear of the day the first attack may arrive. The possibilities instill fear in many, and they cannot help but wonder, who will challenge the Tichoul?  

The Divide Widens

A growing number of Coulqepluex had already been turning against their culture of profit at the expense of others, believing that there was greater money to be made if they treated everyone as equals— joining the Nouex in fighting for equal rights. This has led to a lot of progress in recent years, but with Lohtzin on the throne this has slowed down considerably. These multi-ethnic coalitions work against him where possible, and are attempting to put forward their own leader as Tichoul before Lohtzin can destroy the country from within.
Loh-tih-zihn Ah-toh-zool-klee-oo
Current Location
Dark black, kept short
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale blue

The death of Gomog

Recently, a particularly gruesome event brought international relations to a boiling point— the murder of a Romtol diplomat by the name of Gomog. Gomog had gone for a drink to take her mind off the increasing danger of her work, as many others would do the same night.   However, the tavern nearest to her was populated that night almost exclusively by patrons who were opposed to her cause, this was a pure coincidence— or bad luck.   She was tripped by a drunken guard, and she tumbled into another standing in front of her— sending his drink to the floor.   They returned her apologies with angered glares, sending her running out into the street.   They pursued, and witnesses heard one yelling soon after.
Lohtzin'll give me a raise for this, don't you think? I'm cleanin' up our country, just as he says!
— Drunken guard
Gomog was found dead the next morning in an alleyway.

Various citizens began to protest after the news reached them, closing their market stalls, ceasing trade, and blocking the roads to central marketplaces.  
Our guards work hard to keep us all safe. Don't they deserve a break?
— Lohtzin Atozolklio
Lohtzin's response was poorly received, and guards were paid to clear the roads the next morning.   They were not gentle.

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