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Casements is a Mgaical Tome Binding Enchantment (MTBE) made by Minispell. Magical Applications Firm based in Port Valor. The enchantment come already embedded into the tome, but is left unsealed, allowing anyone with the correct serial phrase and some limited magical knowledge to finish and use it.  

Casements in Commercial Use

Casements also comes in a Magical Shopping Fetching Tome form, or MSFT. The tome allows magical shop owners to run a magical kiosk or Terminal in their shop to act as a vendor on their behalf. Even some prominent non-magical shops, like Lionshield Coster, have chose to install Casements as their main MSFT Terminal.  

Casements in Personal Use

Minispell also provide students of the Conclave of Magi with "Learning Ready" Casements Tomes, reducing the effort and danger needed to train a new mage. Before the introduction of Casements each student had to learn 3-5 years of Enchanting before enchanting their spell book, Casements reduced that time to mere months.  

The Enchanting Controversy

Some Casements Tomes owners have complained about the increased rigidity in the tome formation in recent years, somewhat limiting it's spell capacity and adding more restrictions to spell making and memorizing. Some tweaks can be made in the form of "patches", but since Casements is a closed-enchantment Tome, its owners can't recreate it once disassembled. Minispell has said in response that the changes were made to ensure the safety and stability of many non-enchantment savvy spell casters.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
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Widely used by novice and apprentice level mages.
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