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When first setting my eyes upon the Mylinok, I was taken aback by their dexterity. For such large creatures, they seem to move with the grace of a feline. Yet their ferocity is strong and powerful, almost bear-like. That's the best way to describe the creatures, some cross between a bear and a panther, especially given the black fur.
— Socran Varian
Mylinok are creatures that are often found among the ranging forests in the world of Nonvyorx. They are often used as a mount in various regions around the world.



Mylinok are horse-sized creatures that resemble a cross between an ursine and feline creature. Their thick black fur has lead many to suggest that Mylinok are a cross between a bear and a panther. The Mylinok have sharp claws and whiskers and a tail of a panther. Each Mylinok has a unique shade as several tint from black to brown whilst some are tinted from black to teal, giving an air of elegance. The eyes of a Mylinok are a piercing teal and often they can be found with small patches of either teal or brown lining their fur.   Juvenile Mylinok often have a more vibrant colouration to their fur of either teal or brown. As they age their fur darkens down to the base black colour of an adult's fur.


This section uses Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition as a basis for some of the mechanical terminology.

Cunning Opportunist

It has been noted by several scholars and explorers that the Mylinok are ferocious when creatures try and step away from their position, striking creatures who show fear in their presence. This is true especially when they're hungry.  
The Mylinok has advantage on the when making an attack of opportunity.

Pack Tactics

The Mylinok form a family for life, working in clans similar to humanoids. As such they strike as one unit bearing down on their allies with sharp claws.  
The Mylinok has advantage on an attack roll against a creature if at least one of their allies is within 5 ft of the creature and the ally isn't incapacitated.

Powerful Build

Known for their strong frame, similar to that of a bear, the Mylinok are much more capable and dragging trees and stones that are easily double their weight or more.  
The Mylinok count as one size larger when determining their carrying capacity and the weight they can push, drag, or lift.
Biological Information
Type Beast
Alignment Unaligned
Vision Darkvision, 120ft
Movement Walking, 60ft
Climbing, 90ft
Abilities Powerful Build
Pack Tactics
Cunning Opportunist
Physical Characteristics
Size Large (Around 10ft)
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Teal
Sociocultural Information
Planes Material Plane (Nonvyorx)
Common Locations Great Lambor Forest, Myvora
Livewood Forest, Ossalimar
  • Forest
  • Plains
  • Hills

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Daros Creation

Taken from the elvish word for home or camp, a daros is the dwelling created by a mylinok collective that are similar to humanoid settlements. They have been looked at by several artists and scholars and considered to be a feat of architecture considering how relatively primative the creatures are.   The first recorded daros was found by the architect and artist Eleyan van Coryson, an elf from the Ossalimarian Empire. She used the inspiration from the architecture to form the basis of Blackstone Keep.   Often a Daros is formed of sticks and stones that can be found around the local area. The mylinok use their sharp claws to shave away at both the wood and stone to form intricate interlocking patterns that are almost impossible to understand. The seem to use some plants and intertwine them to form a rope that can be used to not only carry the materials that the mylinok find, but can also be used to lock together elements of the structure and perform mechanical feats that are similar to that of humanoid settlements.


The first Daros was found in 587 AR by Eleyan van Coryson. The information about what was believed to be an ancient ruin were noted down and used as an inspiration for the Blackstone Keep. Additionally, several scholars have used the information from these original notes to theorise and experiment with magical effects that weave the strings of reality. Later on this form of magic was discovered to be related to Manomancy.   The first Mylinok were found in early 650 AR, they were described as "the cross between a bear and panther. They were linked to the Daros in 658 AR after an explorer followed the creatures and learned that they would create the dwellings to reside in. Both quick and strong in all the ways a creature should be." After this initial meeting several attempts were made to domesticate the creatures and utilise them as mounts when climbing across difficult mountainous terrain and in thick forests.   The first successful attempt to domesticate the Mylinok was achieved in 702 AR by Marius de Fomless. These creatures were used to scale some of the Moorbound Peaks in an attempt to get to the Dolvalyn Sovereignty. The success of the mission remains unknown but since this point many different groups near both the peaks and the Livewood Forest have domesticated and bred some of the creatures specifically designed for scalling both of these regions.   In 750 AR, a group near Orrak started to breed and domesticate their own collection of Mylinok by forming a Daros near the edge of their town. The creatures are sold to help people scale the Lorena Range.


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