Who am I?

Good morning pipples of all ages.

My name is Amanda, otherwise known as MandoMc, you may also hear people call me Mrs. Meltrin. I'm currently a Pennsylvania girl in a Texas world, and let me tell you that not everything is larger in Texas. It was such a massive upset when I wanted a large snowball, and it was more like a medium.

Major dissapointment.

I started on my art journey in 1999-2000. For me, it started out as therapy. A way to deal with the trauma from my childhood. Slowly it morphed in something for relaxation and problem-solving.
I drew my first maps in World Cultures class back in 2004-2005. We were studying Africa and India. I sat there with my text book painstainklingly drawing the coast of Africa on a poasterboard and presented it to my teacher. Then did the same for India. You'd think I would have kept up with it, right?



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Fast forward to 2018/19. I stumbled upon an amazing author, and I was struggling to visualize her world. So I made a cheatsheet for Silver City. Then another for her next book, and another for her third book, and it's sequal. And somewhere in here I was hooked.

It was also around this time that I got into Online TTRPG's with some friends. And once again I struggled to visualize the world my DM was creating. At first I started with some mapping software, then I looked at my husband and said, I want to learn how to build these maps better. After some paid courses from Deven Rue, a skill share class from Daniel Maps, numerous tutorials online from Daniels' Maps and Map Effects, and just binging maps from so many people.......I started drawing my own larger scale maps, and, well I haven't stopped.

And just like when you marry an all powerful wizard, one thing led to another and I started world building, both for myself, and bits and pieces of my DM's world......plus you know most of his maps. I might be a gluton for punishment. But who can really say?

In between homeschooling my two children, helping with a local homeschool co-op, and tending to my house I can often be found drawing or creating, either in my craft room or on my iPad.

I found that I love to add my worldbuilding into my planning, and since I do both digitally, it made sense that I share my art. Sometimes that means selling it to others for them to use as well.

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