Movement Rate

A Characters' movement rate defines how far a character can move in a given period of time, in most cases this is an action during a combat round. All movement and distances in Lyra are calculated in meters. The battlmaps of Lyra are separated in hexes that allow a character to move in any direction. Each hex is equal to a roughly, 2 meters radious (more or less 4.5 feet). In order to calculate the movement rate of a character you need to add their Strenght and Agility scores. Once you have their total, check on the table below to find the character's movement rates and Movement Rate Class. Keep in mind that some species might modify the movement rate class of your character (e.g. Vulpe get a +2)


A hero can use their walking speed during combat and at the same time take any action without, in most cases, any penalties. Running or sprinting while taking another action will infer penalties to all rolls taken.

Glide and Fly speeds are, of course, reserved for characters of species that have wings.

Choose your Access type

Choosing Playtester will give you access to the articles required to create a character and play the game


Warning Choosing Gamemaster will reveal to you secrets of the world and hooks that should only be read by people aiming to run games in Lyra, do not choose this if you wish to play as a player ar some point

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