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Subscribers are amazing folks who support the romantic fiction & other stories told in the Luridity Galaxy by DaniAdventures via SubscribeStar.
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What's in it for Subscribers?


Access to all the stories in Luridity including:
  • Premium short fiction
  • Premium long fiction (which yes, is also exclusive, first read access to my novels!)
  • Serial novel chapter releases
  • Any additional Premium content added
  • Discord access
  • Wall of Gratitude! <3

All rewards from previous tier!

...access to all hidden Bonus content in Luridity, including:
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Character Interviews
  • Behind the Scenes and Secret Bonus Info
  • Secrets for Writers (by request)

All rewards from previous tiers!

  • You get a say in the order of content created!
  • On polls, your votes are worth TWO.

Of the stories I have on deck, which one do YOU want to read next?

Limited Quantity Tier! 6 spots available!
All benefits from previous tiers plus you'll be one of the limited folks who can REQUEST what (or who) is coming next!   You will be able to add to the queue with a specific theme/trope, character, or relationship once a month.* I will write ONE Quick Fics from this queue every month, so you'll have a minimum of 2 specific stories a year (and up to a max of 12, depending on how many subscribers are at this tier!).

All benefits from previous (non-limited) tiers (Note that Hear My DEMANDS is not included with this tier).   Your subscription at this level allows me to increase the amount of time I spend on Luridity versus other income making projects. The more subscribers I have at this level, the more Luridity I can write!

Limited Quantity Tier! 2 spots available!
Your support at this level gets you all previous rewards (except for the Hear My DEMANDS tier). You'll get to request a custom Quick Fics or serial installment monthly, featuring any existing location and pairings on Luridity, OR new ones!*   As the ultimate VIP, your votes are worth THREE! Having support at this level allows me to stretch funds so I'll be able to commission custom art--including Subscriber-access-only NSFW character sketches.

*A Note on Custom Content
Custom Work is not to be used for commissioned stories, but instead to continue to make Luridity bigger and better and a place you'll love to explore! Concepts are subject to my approval in order to best fit into the canon of my galaxy, and I will work hard to make it something you're guaranteed to love! :D Custom Work is my creative property and copyright, as well as under the copyright of my company and Luridity's brand.)

Wall of Amazing

Not only patronage but also a strong support system can make incredible things happen, and I have been blessed by one of the best systems ever, full of hugs and cheers and friends and alpha readers and beta readers and subscribers and critiquers and editors and listeners and encouragers-who-don't-read-it-but-love-me-anyway and brainstormers and meal-providers (and did I mention huggers?) and I just have an enormous amount of love to send right back atcha.

These are the best, most awesome folks in the world (in no particular order, after that top line!). Thank you all for your encouragement, support, and belief in me, my words, and the worlds I create.
The Lodge
The Best Ladies :D


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