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Hey, friend! If you weren't expecting this page from clicking on a Support link, you may have landed on Subscriber-only content!  
Subscribers are some of the amazing folks who support Dani's creations and adventures in Luridity. Their generosity through paid subscriptions helps grow Luridity and allows her to write:
  • the many many inclusive and varied romances throughout Luridity,
  • ongoing slice-of-dystopian-life stories,
  • choose-a-path interactive adventures,
  • and articles exploring and expanding this limitless Galaxy!
  Subscribers get weekly, early access to every novel and short story, character secrets, and some article first-looks, through Dani's serial fiction collection on Ream. Plus, here on Luridity's WorldAnvil site, subscribers also get exclusive galactic secrets and interactive elements. (Not able to support Luridity monthly just yet? You can Follow for FREE and still get the stories and participate in the conversation! Check out the tier benefit comparison below.)  
If you are a paid subscriber and were expecting an article or story chapter here, please let Dani know so she can get you fixed up!
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What's in it for Subscribers: Tier Comparisons


You can Follow Dani for free on Ream and still get the novels and many short stories as well! The Ream serial fiction platform allows you to read released chapters EARLY, in a convenient continuous format. You'll also have access to the Luridity Ream community where you can join in the conversations about this galaxy and its stories with Dani and her other enablers!   Every Week, Followers Get:
  • A Novel Chapter
  • A Short Story Chapter
  • A Luridity Update


When you become a paid Subscriber, you'll also get:  
  • Early Access: You get to read your weekly Novel Chapters and Short Stories two weeks ahead of Followers!
  • Bonus Access: You'll unlock subscriber-only worldbuilding first-looks (including the NSFW ones) in Luridity's Ream Community so you can be the first to learn more about the Galaxy and its people!
  • Voting Access: Your vote gets counted in community polls and in polls for the characters you want more from next!
  • Discord Access
  • Added to my Wall of Amazing! <3

All rewards from previous tier!

  • Deeper Access: Mmhmm, learn even more about those characters with early access to their secret files: go beyond the bio with bonuses like chats, stats, interviews, and all the blackmail material Fate's found--so far.*  
  • Earlier Early Access: Get Short Stories here two weeks before the CHOOSE tier! (That's a whole month before Followers, in case you're keeping track!)   ---   *Deeper Access includes all subscriber-only content for Luridity here on WorldAnvil. You'll uncover secrets, interactive elements, & visual surprises that let you indulge in Luridity Galaxy in a whole new way.

Everything?! You got it!   Take both the CHOOSE and SECRETS tiers, plus:  
  • First Access: You get to read all Novel Chapters here an entire month ahead of the CHOOSE and SECRETS tiers, and Short Stories here two weeks before the SECRETS tier.
  • Oracle Access: You'll get a weekly tarot or oracle card pulled by Hinata, Luridity's dreamwalking fortune-telling alien-magic-lady, for some in-galaxy insight to the week ahead. (For entertainment purposes only; decks range from adorable chibi snowmen to erotic ones, oh my! Can't wait to see what she draws from her mysterious deck box!)
---   Once Luridity reaches $100 monthly support on Ream across all subscribers, the $30 BEG tier will also have an additional physical reward: I'll send some stickers out based on a character or their backstory shenanigans, postcards with Luridity art, and maybe even letters from characters. Honestly, I dunno what's more exciting to me: sharing this work with more and more people, or getting to send y'all random Luridity mail to justify my sticker addiction!  

Why Ream?

Ream is the only platform where I provide serial fiction, because it is designed specifically for readers and authors. It also lets me give you chapters for free, with the same display quality and community access as my paid subscribers. (A must for me, because I don't want you to be cut off from the community you've become a vital part of, in the event you have to pause your subscription!) <3  

Is There Any Other Access?

If you don't want the serial fiction from Ream, I have a Ko-Fi where you can send one-time or monthly support, as well as a Patreon which allows monthly support. Both of those will provide an infrequent roundup of updates, articles, and finished stories, as well as Discord access and subscriber-only access to secrets here on World Anvil, but you will not receive early access to novels and short stories.  


Wall of Amazing

Not only patronage but also a strong support system can make incredible things happen, and I have been blessed by one of the best systems ever, full of hugs and cheers and friends and alpha readers and beta readers and subscribers and critiquers and editors and listeners and encouragers-who-don't-read-it-but-love-me-anyway and brainstormers and meal-providers (and did I mention huggers?) and I just have an enormous amount of love to send right back atcha.

These are the best, most awesome folks in the world (in no particular order, after that top line!). Thank you all for your encouragement, support, and belief in me, my words, and the worlds I create.
The Family
The Chirpy Cheems
The Best Ladies
The Game of Tomes Streamers & Friends

Cover image: Placeholder Luridity Header by Dani via Midjourney and Canva


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