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Amoy's Daggers

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The Pointy End Is Super-Effective…If You Use It

Amoy's throwing daggers were more than just weapons. They were a symbol of his place in the royal line, his birthright of dual souls as a tiger Shifter, and the responsibility that came with being a Tenir. Gifted to a young Amoy by the king and queen of Tamaran--his parents--the daggers were expected to go everywhere with him.   He was expected to learn how to use them, both for defense and for offense, in close combat and thrown from a distance.   His parents did not expect a tiger to resist battle quite as much as Amoy did during their lifetimes.  

The Poet Prince's Blades

Amoy despises violence even now, and initially he was loathe to use the daggers at all. Where the gift had been intended to encourage his participation in combat training, a skill in which the sons of the royal line were expected to excel, he insisted on keeping them sheathed. Amoy's insistence that diplomacy would serve them better than bloodshed was actively dismissed in the face of Shifter Law and tradition. Yet he persisted, using his beloved pens as tools of peace rather than even weaponizing his words, and so often evading his duties in the practice arena in favor of his library that his family despaired of him learning to hunt at all.     Armed with his pens, Amoy would sneak out of the castle walls and into the trees of the nearby Droage Forest, where he'd hide from his responsibilities in order to scribble poetry and read histories or collections of legends that he'd found on a shelf.   
All too soon, a decree came down that he'd be unable to leave the castle walls without learning how to hunt and fight as his place in the royal order required. 

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  These twin daggers became quite literally his keys to the kingdom--or at least the way out of the front gate.  
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Item type
Weapon, Melee

A pair of polished daggers laying on a forest floor.

by Dani (Midjourney,Gimp,Canva)


Sibling Shenanigans

Secretly, two of his sisters thanked him for his antics of avoidance: Yanna Tenir in particular was pleased that there was an opening for a royal to be training in the art of war, as she had no interest in politics nor in becoming a future matriarch of tigers. She took up swords in his stead, frequently traveling on scouting assignments in bare feet and combat leathers rather than wearing tight, fashionable shoes and fluttery gowns. Third daughter in line for the throne, Yanna never intended to become queen. She studied the forest and their enemies' movements, not etiquette and leadership.

Beautiful Dangerous

The pair of blades were forged by Tamaran's finest blacksmith, hammered and balanced to perfection. Each dagger's hilt carried an inlay of blood red wood, a nod to the tiger souls bound within each of the people under Tenir protection. The pommels took regular polishing to maintain their regal touch of gold, a mark of pride despite that the attention to detail could give away his identity. Compact, easily concealed, and sharpened to points as lethal as Amoy's own claws, both daggers were more of a symbol to him than weapons.  

Image of Amoy's Daggers embedded in a log, one dagger has a note tied around the hilt.

by Dani (Midjourney,Gimp,Canva)

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