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Welcome to Luridity's first interactive adventure!   You're about to embark on an adult sci-fi noir comedy(?) disaster series where you play the role of a member of the Indulgent Caste, a class of "spare" spoiled heirs to various royal families, conglomerates, and the like. Your path forward is determined by the Pantheon of RNG, and, well, a few other inconsequential options.   I hope you're ready for this...I know I'm not. XD   This first generated adventure is set in the Zone of Luridity known as Centralvest, an area where the future is digital, virtual, desperate, and corporate, all of it drenched in overlays, augmented reality layers, and of course, cyberpunk neon.  
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You are Ice from the Omezo System in the Centralvest Zone of Luridity Galaxy. You are the 112th cousin to the heiress of Bellamy's Glass and Bone Productions, a foundation providing infrastructure for various energy and life support systems.
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Fri, Aug 12th 2022 01:41
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The Indulgent Detective Agency

Mon, Sep 19th 2022 05:00
Are you the neglected 45th child of a royal dynasty? Another of the last wealthy heirs to ever actually be considered for next-in-line, just wiling away your time as a patron of the Artistocracy? Welcome to the Indulgence Caste, my friend. Come on in and tell your fellow detectives about your latest case, or just record it for posterity! Click here to return to the Intro Page!

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