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I'm the one who taught the Giants their culture, their fighting and their magic. I've helped them grow and prosper. Without me, they would have been nothing! They would have died and perished! I was the only thing that kept them alive, but they did not realize that. They thought they could survive on their own, but look at what happened to them. They betrayed me, and now they are gone.
— Molgoth
  Molgoth has been forgotten by most people and those who know him only know his name from myths and legends. It is said that he was the first Giant, or at least an influencial entity on the development of the Giants. He was around during the Dawnera eons ago, and probably fought in the War for Dawn. But not much more is known about him today. After the war, his story turned into myth and legend, and over time he slowly was forgotten. The only trace of his existence are various temples and shrines in old Giant settlements, that have been constructed in his honor.
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