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Ashqi Al'chaqni

Ashqi was the immensely popular prince of Solaris. When his father died, he declared that the nation would be dedicated to the principles of Amaunator, if not directly to the god. The order and promises of a bright future that was brought on only served to increase his popularity.   With a rallying cry to spread this enlightened ideology to surrounding areas, Ashqi took on the title of Caliph and started a military campaign that would result in the First Burning War.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

While Ashqi grew up with privilege, he spent a lot of time with those of lower casts; something made him very popular with the people. The rest of his time was usually spent in studies or in temples of the gods - especially Amaunator. He came to think of himself as a great guardian of the sun god.   His mother and father weren't anything special as leaders, and history has very little to say about them. Most accounts of Ashqi start with his ascension as monarch and redefining his title to that of Caliph. He is described as having been a larger-than-life kind of person who would shower those on his side with love, and never hesitate to run a blade through his enemies. He combined a very black-and-white worldview with pragmatism. If you stood against his plans, you were an enemy to be destroyed, but if you agreed to his terms, you were a worthy soul.   One of the many extraordinary talents of Ashqi was his ability to convert those living in conquered areas. The leaders of those areas could either be executed or become high nobles sworn to defend the budding Caliphate. A loyal leader would be named a Rightful ruler, or Qel'tath in Sha'ree. The people were given access to more resources, provided they pledged allegiance. Those who did were then put to aid in the war effort to gain more resources to have more people be loyal.   After the war, Ashqi spent most of his time trying to give his people a unified identity so that the nation would hold together even without him. Not designating a mortal heir made this easier as he showed little interest in power. And there wasn't a lot the nobles could say against it as none of them would get a headstart over the others. Instituting the balance of the Senate also helped with this.   At the end of his extended life, the Caliph had made sure very little depended on him and he died peacefully. While his soul is said to have ascended in a flash of radiance, his body is buried in the Tomb of the Pyramid.

Intellectual Characteristics

The first Caliph was extraordinarily intelligent and aware of everything that happened around him. There are no sources of him ever having been blindsided by some plot or caught unaware of some information. This is something he made sure to show to those around him as a reason to trust everything he said. It wasn't to lord over them; it was to make sure they didn't have to think too hard - he did it for them.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
First Caliph of the Sh'reen
Prince of Solaris
Paladin of Amaunator
2620 BSR 2503 BSR 117 years old
Dark brown
Black, tied up in a right knot, with bangs haning free to the sides.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light tan
190 cm
Aligned Organization


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