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First Burning War

Where enemy armies had stood, the ground was torched. Not with fire. The sun's own rays were made to scorch every remaining body and every enemy soldier who would not surrender. The smell is said to have spread for miles. This is why it was called the Burning War.
  At the start of the Burning War, Solaris was already a substatially religious city. In many ways, the war was about spreading the rule of Amaunator as much as it was about unification.

The Conflict


Before the Caliphate, the Sa'ar Desert was a land of warring city-states. The loyalty of citizens was ensured by making those from other cities suffer more. If famine struck, the solution was to pillage and burn the next city over - not to ensure peasants had access to food stores. Whether the war was about liberating the people from their tyrants can be debated - but there was certainly tyranny to be liberated from.   By the time the war started, the teleportation strength of Solaris' Magic Nexus had started to be evident and the ity was becoming wealthier by the year.


Ashqi Al'chaqni was originally the prince of Solaris. On his father's death, he declared himself Caliph and stated that he would rule as a representative of Amaunator. By then, he had already started to gain allies amongst several of the city states around. Ashqi also had access to a growing fortune, enabling him to hire more soldiers.   Most of the war was focused on connecting the pieces of the future caliphate that wanted to join by forcing the pieces in-between to join. This led to enemies in several other directions that had to be defeated. The cascade effect of this before peace treaties could be signed, is largely what made the war lasts as long as it did.


During the war, the new nation was named Sh'areen ("the people's") Caliphate. Two steps were taken to appease both of the two factions that wanted control. On one hand, was the nobles of the newly conquered principalities, on the other was the religious groups demanding tribute to Amaunator as the god who had backed the war. For the first group, a senate was created to make sure everyone's voice was heard. For the second group, the divine guides were set to find the next Caliph rather than relying on succession. Their choice was to summon a leader.


The Caliphate rose from being a weakened area of dust, rock, and brutality to become a force to be reckoned with. It is, by far, the strongest theocracy on Ailion - and none of it would have happened before this war. Had the outcome been less of total success, the area would likely look very different.
Conflict Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
Formation of the Sh'areen Caliphate
Principalities joined
Seelon Principality
Parathioni Principality
Ha'deibil Principality


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