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Bone Wastes

Redeemed by True Undead Hero
Part of the Marred Wastes, the Bone Wastes is the location of hundreds, if not thousands, of battles in times past. The dry ground is slightly red in the cracks as if blood still soaked the earth. No plants or animals live here for very long as it carries death manifest.   Across the ground and buried into it are bones that should have withered a long time ago. There are rumours of hidden tombs where unfortunate souls have attempted to hide before. Looking for the riches those might have brought is one of the few things that keep adding more bones to the area.


The Kingdom of Lothana used to control this area before it was taken over, brutally, by tribes from the Breaker Mountains in the north. To deal with those tribes, the settlements of Barzulhan invaded many times, but only to kill of groups of insurgents. Still, this added to the death toll of the Wastes.
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