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Amieh Cha'ri

While she was born further north, Amieh moved to Jolethai during her studies as an acolyte for Oghma. She was sent there in a coordinated effort to make more of the more independent Principalities dedicated to the gods rather than themselves. This is an attitude that has followed her since and made her less than friendly towards House Seelon.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

As a priest, Amineh is usually dressed in simple garbs while wearing the scroll cases common to Oghma's clergy. She also wears a headband that keeps her more alert and aware of her surroundings.

Mental characteristics


Amineh's primary focus has been on history and religion, making her an expert at many of the major events that have shaped the world at large. She has, of course, studied more generally as well - after all, she is a devout disciple of Oghma. Like all the other priests there, she knows the inventory of the Jolethai temple of Oghma more or less by heart.

Intellectual Characteristics

Amineh is very clever and excellent at finding connections between seemingly unrelated pieces of information. She is well aware of this skill and proud of it enough that flattery is a good way to get her on your side. And mocking her will equally make you her enemy.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Priest of the Archives
Year of Birth
1331 SR 34 Years old
Current Residence
Light brown
Black, shoulder length, tied up in a bun.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light bronze
165 cm
Aligned Organization


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