Sharp Spooktober

Skin pale as birch bark, flawless and smooth, shone with its own magnificence. Sharp amber eyes stared through dark lashes, which if he wasn't careful, he'd believe were miniature leaves or fronds of some strange plant. Her slender nose perched perfectly above full, pink lips, the blush of roses glistened on cheeks sculpted to elfin points. Hair made of coiling vines flowed around her face like water falling in waves and curls. Her beauty was timeless, alien and other.   Staring up in the face of Selyka, High Queen of the Fae Courts, Colm felt small and homely, despite his dashing handsome eyes.   “You’ve come to pay my wages.” Her clipped accent tasted of honey, cloying and sweet. Even her voice was a spell, each syllable perfectly pronounced.   “Your Majesty.” Colm's tongue stumbled. "I want to renegotiate the deal."   "No." The blue and silver fabric flowed around her in petals as if fairy tailors hired Lagerfeld fused a magic gown and power suit.
— Whiskey and Sinners Blood
Here we go again...

Cover image: by Emily Armstrong


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