Lucien Pike

Lucien Pike is the infamous leader of one of the biggest criminal enterprises running out of Lashton, which is the centre of many of Cymru-Loegr's most successful smuggling operations. A smuggler and trader in various banned and illicit substances, Pike's large and brutish appearance often distracts his detractors from his keen insight and capacity for manipulating others.    Mr Pike is seen to be something of an icon in fae circles across Cymru-Loegr and Alba particularly, as he has been before the Crown over thirty times across a criminal career spanning centuries, and has never once been successfully convicted of a crime. With that said, he is less respected by fae living in the fae realms, both as a result of his being raised amongst humans and because he is a vampire.    Lucien Pike was born in August of 1597 - born in the height of summer, with two of his half-sisters born in the same week as him, his parents lost track of what date specifically he was born, but he normally notes his birth date as the 15th.    Lucien Pike's father was a barber surgeon, serving a great many Londoners as surgeon, barber, and dentist, and his mother was a seamstress. Tall and imposing, Pike Senior was well-known as as a frightening figure, and no one wanted to be on the wrong end of his temper. He was an infamous womaniser, and lived with several women of different species, as well as regularly sowing his wild oats around the rest of London.   Lucien Pike's mother, Rhian, was a fae woman with lilac-coloured skin, pointed ears, and extremely large, slightly protuberant eyes: a seamstress alongside Pike's other wives for many years, she was very skilled with a needle and thread, and could be called upon to make subtle repairs to garments in such a way as to make them appear as they had never been damaged.   Lucien Pike is a very tall man with pale brown skin and long, birch-bark coloured hair - it has purple undertones, but only when he appears under very direct light, which he rarely does, as it strains his eyes. He has inherited his mother's pointed ears and his eyes, which are a reddish brown, are unusually large. When he became a vampire in his early thirties, serving as muscle to another vampire smuggler who was later killed in a raid by the Crown, he grew the elongated fangs vampires use to pierce their victims' flesh to lap from, but he lacks the ability most vampires have to retract these teeth. When his mouth is closed, the tips of his teeth occasionally protrude and dig into his lower lip.


Gellert Osgodby

Secretary (Vital)

Towards Lucien Pike



Lucien Pike

Boss (Vital)

Towards Gellert Osgodby



Appears In:
Gellert's New Job (TweetFic)   Well-Used Toy (Erotic Short; Patrons Only)
Year of Birth
1597 423 Years old
Extremely large, reddish-brown
Healthy silver, streaked with black and white
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale brown with purple undertones


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