Gellert Osgodby

Gellert Osgodby is the personal secretary to Lucien Pike), the infamous smuggler and criminal leader of Lashton. Mr Osgodby is a thin, square man with extremely thick glasses, and without his glasses he has extremely limited vision and is therefore reliant on his capacity for smell, hearing, and touch.   Despite his apparently nerdy appearance and quiet demeanour, Gellert is an extremely violent and dangerous man, and many people who work closely with Pike and Gellert both find the secretary more unnerving than his employer.    Born on April 3rd, 1990, Gellert grew up in Laston, and he was frequently the subject of bullying: as the daughter of a poor, single mother, living in a mostly-fae area, with such heavy glasses, he was already a target, and this was not improved when he began to transition.   Gellert did very well at school, and was remarkably adept at keeping his fighting outside of school grounds, to such an extent that many of his teachers refused to believe he had a violent bone in his body.   At the age of 16, while working part-time at a local pub, Gellert was approached by Gwyn Fickle, a duelist who provided security to local groups. Fickle groped Gellert, and when he made threats to go further, Gellert shoved him away, causing Fickle to stumble on the curtain of the open balcony and go backward over the balcony's wall.   Being some four storeys over the cobbled streets, his skull smashed when he landed on the stone.   After this, Gellert was primarily left alone at school.   After his A-Levels, Gellert completed a degree in Mathematics and Accountancy, before returning to Lashton to work. He worked in a few different places, cooking books and doing different administrate tasks, before taking up a business management position under Dandy King, one of the Lashton Kings, and the boss of a large wholesaler.   After an argument with some of the Lashton Laithes got out of hand, and Gellert refused to allow Dandy to publicly humiliate him as recompense, Lucien Pike kidnapped Gellert to employ him as his personal secretary.   Gellert had top surgery at the age of 25, and his hysterectomy at 27. He has some training as a nurse when he acted as home carer for his mother, and injects his own testosterone.    Gellert's mother, Felicia Osgodby, suffers from a severe sickness of the lungs, and she spends most of her time in hospital,where Gellert visits her several times per week.


Gellert Osgodby

Secretary (Vital)

Towards Lucien Pike



Lucien Pike

Boss (Vital)

Towards Gellert Osgodby



Appears In:   Gellert's New Job (TweetFic)   Well-Used Toy (Erotic Short; Patrons Only)
Date of Birth
April 3rd 1990
Year of Birth
1990 30 Years old
Brown and thick
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white


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