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Edge of Isekai

If you believed that Isekai was spherical and that you could circumnavigate the world, you would be sadly mistaken. But I do have to applaud you traveler for finding the edge of the world when so few have succeeded or even lived long enough to reach this point. Most would have succumbed to the harsh elements of the seas or the horrors of the depths, but for some miraculous reason, you have made it to this point.   If you know what is good for your own life, then you should return from wence you came. Continuing further will lead to an abyss, something I know quite well that no one has ever survived. It would be in your best interest to take a step back, turn around, and forget that you ever reached this place. Forget what you know of the edge of Isekai and continue forward into somewhat safe lore that you find elsewhere here. If you stay too long here, the world may decide that you should never leave.
If you have made it to this point, it means there is an article that we need to write still or the udans have played with our settings and we forgot to push the big button that allows you to see our content. We are hard at work writing more and keeping the udans at bay, but all that takes time.   If the article that led you here piqued your interest and we haven't gotten around to it yet, feel free to post in our Lore Suggestions discussion board to let us know about your interest. We can't guarantee that we will get to it soon, but we'll try our best as real life allows.  
- RiverFang & Shiftrex
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Tue, Oct 12th 2021 08:03
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Cover image: Isekai Cover by Landscape via Artbreeder, created by RiverFang


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