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Oxrook Forest

The Forest of Oxrook (also simply called Oxrook Forest) is a deciduous forest north of Brossal well known for being the location of one of Brossals most well-known myth: The Willow Maid

Central to this Myth is a Willow Tree in the Forest Center which seems to have leaves only during the cold winter months but none during the warm months.

The Myth

A reoccurring Name in Drusseodian Mythology is Unglan Mailan, a roamer and day laborer, often drawn into Adventures or tricked by other mythological Heroes to do their Bidding, against his wishes or consent.

Fleeing from his latest escapades, Unglan Mailan rescued himself deep into the Forest of Oxrook. Exhausted and unwilling to flee further, he slipped under the Canopy of an old Willow Tree, to find some rest while not being easily seen.

Hot from the Pursuit and feeling uneasy sleeping in a Tunic clinging to his Body from Sweat, he relieved himself of all Clothing and fell fast asleep.

The Willow Tree wasn't any Tree, however, it was the Day Form of a Dryad and as she turned herself into a beautiful Maiden, she stepped onto Unglan Mailans Hand who woke with a loud scream.

Surprised by the loud Noise, the Maiden forgot to reach out to take the green Canopy of the Willow Tree into her possession as it transformed into her green Tunic, but jumped back behind the Stump of the Willow to hide from the Intruder.

Rubbing his hurting Hand, Unglan Mailan searched for the Fiend who had woken him, but as he saw the naked feet of the Maiden, he quickly grabbed his Tunic and fled, for he was in Love with someone else and was deathly affraid to be caught naked with another person. As he was not certain if his Love-Interest loved him enough to take his Word as Truth, that he had not done something unheard of.

After having ran for a long while, Unglan Mailan stopped to catch his breath, and most importantly, to get dressed. But the Tunic he was holding was a thin green one, made for the tender Body of an Elves Maiden, not his own.

He had to return this stolen Tunic, for he was afraid that People could think he was holding a Trophy from a passionate Night with someone else, and ran back.

Having returned to the Willow, Unglan Mailan threw himself in the Dirt, prostrating himself before the Maiden and begged for forgiveness.

The Maiden pitied the shivering Unglan Mailan, she had worn his white Tunic all Summer and now that it had become Winter, she could not keep undressed like usual, for Unglan Mailan would not dare to stand up before her features were once again hidden.

She took her green Dress from Unglan Mailan and draped it over her form, then she turned back into a green Willow, so he could get up and dressed before freezing to death.

Impressed (or perhaps perplexed) by the faithfulness of Unglan Mailan she now wore her Dress in Winter and took it off when Spring came, so no one would ever again rest under her Canopy and mistake her Tunic for their own.



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