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Tetratelegramm Council

The Tetratelegramm Council, also known as the Order of the Tetratelegramm was a religious, monastic Order confident that absolute Peace can only be guaranteed through swift messaging.

While this Order has not existed for more than 800 years, it is still vividly remembered and any attempt at recreating its methods, even without religious practices, still makes people cast weary glances at whoever dares to propose such a thing.


To support their religious beliefs, they built large wooden scaffolds from which they would be able to see above the surrounding lands, enchanting their eyes with spells of telescopic vision and using their thus extended sight to relay messages from one to the other through various means.

Crafty locals soon started to see the practical uses of these religious methods and instigated the Clerics to forward their messages.

While at first the customers of the clerics only paid indirectly through donations or by performing ritualistic tasks such as praying, soon a sophisticated scheme to calculate price and cost of each message was put in place, making the Order quickly and easily, one of the wealthiest in Inquest.


While perhaps working towards a noble goal, many of the Clerics had become flawed in their Processes, regularly allowing to be manipulated or outright paid to alter or replace received messages, and in some cases just ignoring that they ever had received them.

This led to frequent complaints and a loss in trust in the Tetratelegramm-Clerics. While publicly condemning the failures of the Order, the upper echelons ultimately ignored the issues and returned to blissful ignorance.

When finally even the complaints failed to be transmitted, a small angry mob started to follow the sight lines from one Tetratelegramm-Cleric to the next. While they were usually content with burning down the towers and chasing off the friars, Reports indicate that some of the more stubborn or unreasonable Clerics have been lynched.

Mythology & Lore

The Tetratelegramm-Clerics were strong in the belief that most other religions had misunderstood when they were talking about a "Message" from a Deity or higher being, instead postulating that it was in fact "the Message" that was important, making those that facilitated the movement and transferal of messages of any kind, beings of a higher existence (or at least nearer to becoming such a thing).

Tenets of Faith

The Order believed in two simple and universal truths:

  1. Talking to another ensures Peace
  2. Those that enable others to Talk, are Givers of Peace

Any other religious Conclusions were deduced from these, often in quite complicated and obtuse manners.


The Inhabitants of Inquest were absolutely certain that they killed the Gods, Demons and most other things that had the potential to one day act similar to one, on the Last Day of the Great Order, praying to a Deity was out of the Question.

Thus, like many other religious Orders, the Tetratelegramm-Clerics instead believed in a specific Ritual or Process, in their case, the sending and receiving of Messages.

The "Message" was revered as a metaphysical object; making the content irrelevant to them, as it just existed to facilitate sending a message. Sending a message without meaning was one of the cardinal sins of their belief system.

Extending beyond that, the Messenger was also worthy of being revered, as they were the ones honoring the message.


A short-lived Sect of the Tetratelegramm Council where the Brothers of the Tetramonogramm (sometimes derogatory referred to as the wenzel brothers).

This Group believed that writing superfluous words or even repeating letters diminished the worthiness of a message. By shortening each word or sentence to its minimum, they tried to increase its perceived value.

Sadly, not many were able to decipher their messages after they were done with it or even worse, constructed their meanings, marking this as the only time in Inquests History that a Thesaurus was used as a Weapon of War.


Messages in the four Winds


Dissolution Date
Religious, Monastic Order

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