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Death of King Soahc

Attention all living beings of Huggleland!
Let it be known to all that His Excellency of the Highest Rank, King Soach, has moved on to a glorious afterlife. His Majesty will finally have his rightful place upon the immortals. Every region is in great mourning and full of pain and sorrow. As is tradition and heavenly law. All borders will be closed to all travel outside of tributes being brought to his majesties resting place in Harmony for 15 moon rises and sets. Curfews will be strictly enforced for all who are not actively praying for our sovereign. As we mourn and move to the next era of our great kingdom, let it be known the king's heir is of age to ascend the throne at the appropriate time. His majesty was only granted one heir and unfortunately, not with a young prince. Princess Lokahina will make her public debut after the mourning period is over. All able bodied citizens should make their way to bring tribute and witness the glory of our future queen! She will not be able to be as great as her father without the support of all of Huggleland. Normal women are known for their fragility and whimsy, however our future queen has the blood of the Great Soahc! We will rise from the ashes of his majesties death and raise up her highness to heights previously unseen by any other leader. We will join together for our immortal king and our mortal princess to ensure balance is maintained! we will leave our state of mourning to enter a state of rejoicing as we remain a united land for our crown! Let his majesty shine from the heavens down upon our perfect world!

Honor his name King Soahc and Long live Princess Lokahina!
General Htaedeath

The world of Huggleland.

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