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Focal Fever

This article is from a DEFUNCT version of Heliox Stardust, and is NON-CANON!

Written by badmos

Condition: Focal Fever

  Focal Fever, which is caused by taking a drug known as Focatena Burnazide, is a feverish state that enhances an individual's ability to remain in a state of intense focus, all while increasing body temperature at the same time. If left untreated, the fever will gradually increase an individual's body temperature. Allowing the fever to escalate increases the time of enhanced focus, but it can lead to an individual being left in a vegetative state with permanent brain damage.   It is advised for people who take Focatena Burnazide to bring a lot of anything that might help reduce fever, as rapid cooling will most likely keep Focal Fever from escalating any further. In most cases, this will include ice packs or damp rags, and a thermostat. Focal Fever can be sustained successfully if an individual's body temperature is kept stable without completely nullifying it with rapid cooling.   Some mechas have been reported to have coolant tubes installed in their cockpits. The pilots of these mechas wrap the coolant tubes around the head rests of their pilot seats, and activate them when necessary in order to sustain Focal Fever for as long as they possibly can.  

Drug: Focatena Burnazide

"Alright, I'll admit that my piloting license may or may not be legit. I honestly don't remember, since the day of my pilot's test was all a blur to me... But I do remember jumping into a nearby lake totally buck naked right after the test."

-An amateur from the Jah'Yeong Mercenaries

  Focatena Burnazide is a drug that dramatically alters an individual's ability to focus. It is administered through swallowing a capsule containing an herb known as Focatine, which grows only in the coldest regions of Gaias   Considered illegal in most parts of Gaias, this Focatena Burnazide is usually smuggled around both on and off planet. The market value is quite high, as many parties try to get their hands on it in order to one-up their rivals.  
"Subject 075 has claimed to have seen targeting reticles appear in his peripheral vision when undergoing the asteroid simulation. This might be a factor in why subjects who receive the independent variable are able to shoot down the asteroids before any of the observers can spot them."

-Document 1577, page 15, as written by scientists of the AMA Science Division

  Due to poor security at certain test facilities, it is very easy to be able to take Focatena Burnazide, or what locals would call "Burnz," before taking a pilot's test without the risk of being caught. The United Properties have made an effort to make the appropriate changes in order to combat this, but other nations on Gaias seem to continuously struggle in that field.   The feverish state that Focatena Burnazide leaves an individual in is a very troubling matter for doctors across Gaias. If a pilot using Focatena Burnazide leaves their fever untreated, it can escalate into higher temperature fevers. Leaders coming from other planets seem to blame the inhabitants of Heliox for unleashing such a drug into the galaxy, as other races react differently to the drug with the worst case scenario being death. The people of Nokkusu are split in how to deal with the issue, as they too have been negatively affected by Focatena Burnazide. Some of them wish to enforce the use of the drug, while others seek to cut off trade ties with all Gaias nations. It is currently unclear which side of the spectrum that the Nokkusu populace is leaning towards, but it could mean bad news for the future of Gaias trade.

Side Effects of Focatena Burnazide Include:

  • Focal Fever
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Hallucinations
  • Shakiness of Hands
  • Frustration
  • Nosebleed


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