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Summer Camp 2021 Pledge

The Hefflings
Which project are your worldbuilding efforts tied to? What world are you working on?

My Summer Camp will be focused on, yet again, the Hefflings. The Hefflings is my main world, which I have been working on for over a year. I have goals and a plan for this world, and so my sights for Summer Camp is to make sure my answers to the prompts relate to my vision of the Hefflings.  

Which area of the world(s) are you working on?

Last year the area of the focus was the plane of Atharia, and this year will be the same. I feel as though the whole plane still needs to be fleshed out, and Summer Camp is a great way to do this.   I will try to focus more on the mainland of the Plane, rather than Brostia; but if the concepts of which the prompts give can be utilised in that region then it will.

Going for Diamond
How much are you aiming to complete?

Diamond or Die
I'll be aiming for the full 31 prompts to get the ever shiny, Diamond Badge.   I will also do my best to make these articles well 'balanced'. Last year I neglected the side bar of my articles. This time, I won't.   What I try to do each year, is I make sure my answers to the prompt somehow link together. This doesn't mean all 31 prompts will directly related to each other, but it should be possible to navigate between the prompts through the articles. So, lets say i have three articles; A, B and C. A can link to B, as well as C linking to B; therefore it possible to hop from A to C by opening article B.

When will you write? Who is your support network?

Why would you do that to yourself? D:
The IRONGORGE is now a tradition amongst the community, as I challenge myself to stream everyday for the World Anvil signature challenges.   I will broadcast Streams everyday, on my Twitch Channel starting from the 2nd July, at 5 pm UK Time until 7 pm UK Time.   I start on the 2nd as my streams are usually before WA, and with the first prompts being released on the 1st and after my usual streaming time, I will start this on the 2nd instead.   I'm really excited for this as, so far, I've been rather successful in completing this challenge. Though, in all honesty, I wouldn't have done them if it weren't for chat ♥

Organizing My Worldbuilding

Many alterations to my world have been made in the build up of Summer Camp. I have 2 key aims of this grand reorganistion of my world, something which would perhaps continue to be worked on after Summer Camp. These aims are:
  • Readability: This is mostly about content, rather than clarity. I want each page to have something to read and learn about the world.
  • Navigation: The world is to be easy to navigate, so readers can literally explore the world.


One of the key changes made to the homepage is the addition of more Category Book Covers. Prior to these, I felt the homepage lacked ways of entering the world so it can be read.   Soon there will be a World Primer article which will be under the 'Enter the World' section, to help boost the world's entry.

Homepage by Heffe


Categories are still a work in progress, but the aim for these is to ease navigation of the world. For now, the main three category pages include book covers of their child categories; however eventually these will be articles with content describing the topic of that category. This is so each page has something to read, whilst also maintaining the navigational hierarchy categories provide.  


Tags are great for organization. However, another usefulness is their searchability. Not only for the search bar, but also for listing with the Tagged system and Generators.   For the summer camp articles, they will have a tag for which Badge they fall under. These tags are then used with the Tagged system to create the Summer Camp 2021 Index. This is something I've done in Summer Camp 2020, here.

Tagging Scheme

A tagging scheme is a method of keeping tags structured, organised and consistent. The premise is to use the same keywords to further categorise articles; but also other WA assets.   Moving forward my scheme is to apply tags which mimick their category hierarchy. Example: Realms, Brostia, Lowlands, Elverston. these will be used for something within the settlement of Elverston. For example, a person who resides in elverston, or an inn.

My Summer Camp Article Guide
Article Generator Design | Dec 14, 2022

The template and guide for Summer Camp 2021 articles and future articles.


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