New Point Harbor

Ruled by Duke Moringtion of the Dawnward Dynasty, this city (also known as the Gateway of Atharia), New Point Harbour is one of the largest cities of Atharia. Within it is countless warehouses, inns, marketplaces and churches of the Order. However when people mention this city in casual, or any, conversation; they speak about the Sweet Snow which is created and sold in the Sir Aye Cream Parlour.   Since its founding 4 years ago in 985, the Sweet Snow parlour has been the highlight of many visitors of this city. Never before has such a cold and sweet treat have been tasted. However, there are claims this come at a price more than coin, as folks get Brainfreeze from eating Sweet Snow; though this is a fairly uncommon illness. With this caution, there are many who still try to tickle their taste buds with this treat.  


The Gentle Bowl

An establish of entertainment, music and drinks. This place has been open for almost 10 years, and has been the highlight of the nightlife within the city.  

Velvet Square

This marketplace is renowned for it velvet cannopies, which waves like the ocean above the market stalls. These stalls can sell to the residents and vistors of the city a wide range of goods.  

Goldbeach Wharf

This seaside district is home to many sailors, shipwrights and dock workers; as this is also where the city's dockyards are. This is also where many Planeships are built and moured. In fact it is this city which most of the Planeships which arrive at Atharia go to, for the city is also famed for this trade and profits.
Alternative Name(s)
The Gateway of Atharia
Large city


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