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GTC Guildhall

Welcome to the GTC's guildhall, are you a member or are you signing in as a guest?
— Receptionist at the GTC Guildhall
  Built in the year 900 this building is the headquarters of the Grimharbour Trading Company's (GTC). Located upon a hill within the walls of Grimharbour, this building is just as noticable as the Govenor's castle.  

Entrance Fee

Guests must be with a member or must provide the name of a member who is currently inside the guildhall. Otherwise, they must pay an entrance fee of around 10 GC. At the entrance, they can request membership, which each applicant must fill in a form and hand to a receptionist. This will then be passed to the Member's department who will review the application.


The GTC provides many rentable office spaces for its mercantile members. Not everybody is able to find a permanent spot, as they are often on the move; especially for the travelling merchants who ride and sail across the world. These offices are the perfect quiet place to hold private meetings or to focus on filling out one's logs and ledgers.


This three-story building is a sociable place with its open-spaced hall where members and their guests can enjoy the evening's entertainment, or sit back and relax with a high-quality Elfkind Whiskey, or coffee.
If you ask me, the place is too classy for my liking. The drinks are expensive, the people look down at everyone and, don't let them know I said this, but the company gives me the creeps. Give me a simple mug of ale any day.
— A Dwarfkind commoner, a lower-class citizen.


The building has 3 floors, with a basement which is used for storage for the guildhall's main hall, which leads to the kitchen. The exterior wall around the ground floor is made of thick stone bricks, which the founder of the Grimharbour Trading Company, Thraner Oakstone had imported from a quarry within the realm of Falduhr. The upper floor walls are of wattle and daub, which is maintained regularly. In fact, the entire building and its surrounding flora are always spruced up.


On the shores of the Lorludian Sea is the town of Grimharbour. This large settlement is the perfect getaway for any Atharian with it's golden beaches and flashy venues of entertainment. It is also a bustling harbour where many sailing merchants can make a tidy profit.

The Oakstones

For about 100 years, the Oakstone family is one of the more prominant dynasties of not only Grimharbour, but the entire Empire; though a few elsewhere have heard of the Oakstone name. They are perhaps more renown than most nobel families in the world, which makes the Oakstones both valuabled and feared.


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