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Emperor Prince's Letters

Many people across the world have either read or at least heard of the Emperor Prince's Letters. These are a collection of love letters between the Emperor Prince and an alleged lover who was a Serf. It is alleged that a   There are many disagreements on the accuracy of these letters and it is broadly believed to be fiction, but that does not hold back the dream or in.   Many believe this to be a true story, though much of the nobility deny of such disgrace occurring which mustn't be encouraged. Whether this is myth or legend, the letters do remain and are kept within . Copies have been created and distributed, though there are queries to their legitimacy. However, the Copies written by a former Scholar of the Inner Sanctum are said to be the most accurate, even if they are dramatised. It is also said this is what started the tradition of the Pairing.  


As the story goes; in the first century of time when the 6th Emperor of the Lorlundian Empire, Octavianus Catilina, ruled the Empire, his son Valentus Catilina was just 16 years old when he alledgedly feel in love with a Serf. This was Valentus' secret for a long time, which weren't kept for too long.   Eventually their relationship was discovered and so Octavianus sent his son away to aid the Prince's uncle, the governor of Danastor. However, this did not stop the Prince's feelings and there were those who supported the Prince's relationship. So the prince used his influence to start sending letters of affection to his beloved.   However, Valentus soon got a letter from the Serf to end the relationship, but the Prince felt something was rather off-putting about this letter. The handwriting was similar, yet the words and flow were very different. The prince knew he had to be rid of his exile. It was then as though fate and destiny worked together when his father, Octavianus, passed away.   Struck with grief the prince travelled back to the capital to mourn his father. This also meant the Senate had to agree on the next Emperor and, through tradition, they voted for the heir to be emperor. At this time, civil unrest was brewing as ideas of independent realms spread; the now Emperor Valentus also had to secure his dynasty's lineage with a family of his own. However, the Prince was yearning to see his long lost love.   With his undying urge, he announced to hold a Pairing and for the first time in history opened this traditionally noble ritual to the commoners. It was there the Emperor once again met his lover and lived happily ever after.  

Cultural Reception

Historical Accuracy

It is common knowledge the scholars of the Empire have kept the love letters deep within the Inner Sanctum of the Ivory Palace. These were meant to be kept secret, however, forgeries have been made and shared amongst the people of the capital. This does affect the accuracy of the story, at least the details. Also with these forgeries, many disbelieve the Inner Sanctum even have the original letters. Therefore this story is commonly considered a folklore conspiracy, even though many commoners continue to dream of being swept off their feet by a noble.  

The Serf

There are mysteries as to who this Serf actually was. Their sex/gender is also unknown as rumours claim they were male, but evidence neither confirms nor denies; especially as back then the Lorlundian nobility are known to be against same-sex romantic relationships and marriages.
Text, Letter


In Atharian Society, Serfs are the lowest ranking social class. They are the working class of society who are considered as part of the property of the land and its Lord or Lady. Every Serf swears an oath to their Landlord and/or Landlady.   Read more about Atharian Society here.

The Pairing

This is a Lorlundian ritual observed by many across the world. It is a celebration held in Spring of love and coming of age as parents urge their single young adults to find their future spouse. Participants of this festival carry a slab of slate, known as a Tablet, and they swipe a piece of chalk against the slate of a person of their choosing. The one who got a swipe on their tablet may either accept, by swiping on the other's tablet; or decline their offer by wiping the slate clean. Read more about the Pairing, here.

Lorlundian Empire

Since what Lorlundians call the Start of Time, the empire once ruled the world. However, after many wars, the world is now divided into 6 realms with the Lorlundian Empire as one of them. The Empire is still a great power, especially in its trade.


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