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Travelers' Respite

The Exchange Inn

The Travelers' Respite is the only inn on the plane of Rol'na, specifically constructed to provide overnight accommodations and neutral meeting rooms for those traveling through The Portal Exchange. The innkeeper and their family live on site, and are therefore the only permanent residents within the Exchange.   Due to its location many travelers have taken to calling it The Exchange Inn. This prompted one innkeeper to attempt to rename the Travelers' Respite to the Inn Exchange, but he was vetoed by the rest of his family.

Purpose / Function

The Travelers' Respite was constructed within The Portal Exchange to provide overnight accomodations for those utilizing the Exchange. While the Exchange was originally intended as merely a quick stop on the way to the next destination its popularity, combined with the vast array of locations now utilizing the Exchange, necessitated the addition of overnight housing on-site.   Today the Inn not only hosts a wide assortment of travelers, but also provides neutral meeting spaces. Violence is not permissible within the Exchange, with parties engaging in such activities suffering permanent banishment, resulting in the Inn gaining popularity among those negotiating delicate business deals and even peace treaties.
Alternative Names
The Exchange Inn
Parent Location

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