Chromatic Market

The Market District

Originally an assortment of unsanctioned merchants taking advantage of the traffic through The Portal Exchange to reach a larger audience for their wares, The Chromatic Market is now an officially sanctioned district of ever-changing merchants and goods. It is especially popular among tourists but also provides opportunities for merchants to network and develop lucrative trading deals to increase their profits.

Industry & Trade

Merchants from across Fillimet pause at The Portal Exchange to display their wares for purchase to the many travelers passing through, before continuing onward towards their own destinations. The coin accepted by these merchants varies depending upon their own preferences, with Portal Silks frequently a favorite.   The Rol'nara also set up stalls here, preferring to barter their offerings in exchange for the more exotic goods passing through the portals.   Due to the temporary nature of these permits (the longest is limited to a single week) the contents and merchants of the Market are constantly changing, and there is always something new to see or taste.


The Market includes a vast array of pop-up stalls displaying goods from across Fillimet and Rol'na. The majority are constructed in the typical Rol'nara style, sporting colorful canopies of Silk or Chromatic Palm thatching.


The Market originally began as a group of Rol'nara offering handmade crafts and Rol'nara foods in exchange for items carried by passing merchants. Over time more and more traveling merchants began to set up their own shops to hawk their wares to other travelers as well, leading to crowded thoroughfares between portal sections.   Determining that the best way to combat this congestion would be to regulate it rather than attempt to discourage it, The Portal Exchange began to offer temporary permits assigned to permanent stalls, purchasable for Portal Silks or available for barter in exchange for supplies needed by the Exchange or the local Rol'nara population. The Market District is now a popular stop among those utilizing the Exchange, with both merchants and travelers alike.
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The Exchange Market
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