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The Southern Guide

Bright stars above, dark waters below
Heave, ho! A-way we go!
Into the great expanse we go
Into the night we go!
The Southern Guide will light our way
Heave, ho! A-way we go!
Until the breaking dawns of day
Into the night we go!
— old sea shanty
  The Southern Guide is a highly recognizable star visible in the southern hemisphere of Fillimet. It is especially beloved by sailors due to its mention in many older sea shanties and assorted other tales of navigation by the stars.


The Southern Guide was once the primary means of directional navigation in the southern hemisphere of Fillimet, especially on the open ocean. The star would always appear to be south with relation to any observer, and so explorers and travelers could orient themselves on clear nights.   Over time of course better methods of navigation were developed. With the current availability of the compass, vast advancements in timekeeping methods and Chronomancy techniques, and the relentless innovations in navigational equipment from naval manufacturers such as the ports of Avorae, the need for the Wanderer's Star for accurate navigation has passed into the annals of history.   Of course, as any old sea canid will tell you, it's best to remember to consult the stars when given the opportunity. Despite the advancements in technology currently available a firm understanding of the more traditional arts of navigation will ensure you always know where you are going, even in the case of equipment malfunction or surges in the magical fields.
Alternative Name(s)
The Wanderer's Star
Light of Igoris


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