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The Legend of The Fearless One

The ground of the Andisol Valley split open, unleashing an army of demons and their minions intent on wiping out all life in their path. With the skies filling with smoke so thick and black as to completely block the sun one person, The Fearless One, bravely fought to turn the encroaching tide. After days of fighting they managed to clear a path to the rift and charged inside to close the portal from the plane of Zaille, home of the Fire Demons. Drained of their power source the demons turned to stone, ending their advance and saving the inhabitants of the valley.

Historical Basis

Some historians believe this tale is not referencing a battle with demons but rather an effort to rescue the city states of the Andisol Valley from an active volcano, with the mouth of the volcano represented as the portal to Zaille.


This myth is common knowledge among most city states in the Andisol Valley,especially in Malay, due to the popularity of the song written about the battle among traveling musicians.

Variations & Mutation

The man in the legend is typically called Victor Wales, Captain of the Guard of Malay, although of course the present day city of Malay was not founded until thousands of years after the supposed events occurred. The widespread use of Captain Wales as the only name of the hero began shortly after the The Ballad of Captain Wales reached popularity.   Older versions cycled through popular names at the time, with no regard to gender. The oldest written versions of the story focus more on the cataclysmic effects of the invasion and the bravery of the individual for their sacrifice, merely referring to them as "The Fearless One".
Date of First Recording
15000 HFE
Telling / Prose
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