The Ballad of Captain Wales

  The world must know of brighter tales
Than stories of the dead
But I must sing of Captain Wales
And how he met his end
  The darkness gathered thick that night
The wind a howling beast
The lesser men had run in fright
All running from the curse
  But Victor Wales was brave of heart
And steadfast in his pledge
He stood the rampant, brave, stalwart
Refusing to give in
  The demon armies fought all night
Their hunger clear to see
And Captain Wales kept up the fight
The hero of Malay
  The fires of the depths below
Now raging open war
An effort fierce to overthrow
The proud cities of man
  The Fearless One, he saw his chance
Their weakness to exploit
And leaping into Zaille's expanse
He took the fight to them
  The darkened clouds then left the sky
Their demons drained of pow'r
The lands of men were rescued by
The Captain's sacrifice
  And to this day on fertile trails
The farmers lift their eyes
And sing their thanks to Captain Wales
The guardian of life

Cover image: Nature Forest Trees by jplenio


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