Artur Goldaming, Soul Thief

Artur Brill Goldaming (a.k.a. Soul Thief)

Even among the most insatiable scholars there are some fields of magic best left alone. The studies of the Soul Thief are one such field.
— a Goldaming to his apprentice
  Artur Goldaming was a talented researcher, well liked and quite famous for his work in identifying and utilizing the exact properties of the magic conductivity of Tyrellium.   His name was striken from his accomplishments and he was sentenced to death upon discovery of the Soulsundered victims of his immortality experiments.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Artur struck an imposing figure with his tall stature and graceful tail. He was reasonably muscular due to the frequently physical sides of his magical research, although typically they were clearly visible only when he was exerting himself.

Body Features

When meeting with others to discuss his research Artur kept each hair neatly in place, his short fur slicked back with his longer tufts spiked about his ears.   If disturbed during his frenzied experimentation one would find him in a different state, his disheveled fur pointing every which way from behind his work apron.

Physical quirks

Artur would tap his left index finger on a nearby surface when lost in thought, alternatively extending and retracting his claw with each tap.

Apparel & Accessories

When meeting with others to discuss his magical research Artur wore flowing ceremonial robes that accented his stature as an accomplished mage. Long, flowing, but also lightweight robes in reds or purples with gold trim were a particular favorite.   For lab work Artur wore nothing but a protective work apron, its cloth fibers mixed with a tyrellium mesh weave to shield from magical fields and its waist full of pockets and loops for containing his tools.

Mental characteristics


As a Goldaming Artur received a broad and basic training in the magical arts. Upon completion he was added to the Goldamings' research rosters where he continued to learn through partnerships with and apprenticeships to those experienced in whatever magical advancements he wished to study, provided they were utilizing a grant from the family or were otherwise interested in working with him. He was also free to browse anything in the collections of the Great Library at the Estate, including all records of past Goldaming-sponsored research and experiments.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Most of what is understood about the magical properties of tyrellium are from Artur's experiments on the metal. His inventions with the metal include Tyrellium Shielding, a magically conductive mesh weave used as defense against sudden magical explosions. He is also the first to discover Tyrellium Crystalization, a process by which tyrellium can be arranged in a crystalline lattice capable of storing and processing information. A variation on his technique was utilized to create the Tyrellium Crystal used by the Portal Exchange.

Failures & Embarrassments

Artur believed the storage and processing powers of crystalized tyrellium were the key to his quest for immortality. Tyrellium could already conduct magic, and now it could also store and utilize that information. If an individual's soul could be stored within the crystal and its power used to operate a construct he hypothesized that this would grant the individual immortality.   The results of his experiments were discovered during a welfare check by the Goldaming Family, seeking to verify his safety after a record of missing person reports and zombie sightings in the area of his lab. Arthur's efforts to extract and contain the souls of his test subjects resulted in a Soulsunder, fracturing the souls of the individual and cursing them to a broken existence.   Horrified at the discovery and the implications of their support through the family's research grants, Artur's research notes were confiscated, his lab and constructs destroyed, and his name striken from the Goldamings' records of accomplished magical researchers. Artur was summarily sentenced to death, an execution expediently applied when the Goldamings discovered his whereabouts several years later.

Morality & Philosophy

Artur had always believed that trained magical users were superior to all other members of society, and as a result had little qualms about utilizing them as test subjects in his own experiments in preparations for his own use of the results. Hints of this were observed in his tests for Tyrellium Shielding, but the cold truth became apparent upon discovery of his experiments on immortality.

Personality Characteristics


Arthur was obsessed with the thought of immortality, determined to discover methods to live forever. Discarding Vampirism due to their reputation and need for blood, he was driven to discover an immortality without the need of sleep or sustenance.

Virtues & Personality perks

Artur was a talented musician, explaining to others than music was its own kind of magic and worthy of discovery. He even invented his own instrument, the Crystalline Chimes, with a calming and captivating timbre that has never been replicated.   He was a driven mage and researcher, doggedly pursuing his goal and keeping meticulous notes. He propelled Fillimet's understanding of Tyrellium and its possible uses through his careful experimentation, concocting tests to find the metal's limits for each of its properties. It was his discovery of magical ways to alter the metal into a crystalline lattice that eventually led to the creation of the famed Tyrellium Crystal at the Portal Exchange.

Vices & Personality flaws

When in pursuit of an answer Artur would not turn away from his research for any reason. This meant he would spend months at a time analyzing every angle of a dead end in his research, or continue experimentation even as the tasks dipped into forbidden territory.   Artur believed in the superiority of trained mage's over the rest of the populace, viewing the untrained as no more than subjects for his experiments. He could effectively hide this belief during conversation, leading to the disappearance of many travelers passing within range of his secluded cabin as he lured them to his aid, shattering their souls in his efforts to fuel his machines.


As his obsession in his studies increased Artur became reluctant to take time away from his experiments, limiting his own self-care to bare necessities. The closer he felt to a break through the more disheveled and aromatic he became. Originally his parents and friends would stop by to ensure he ate, bathed, and wore clean clothes but as time went on he pushed away these distractions to entirely devote himself to his work.


Contacts & Relations

Artur acquired a great many wealthy friends and benefactors through his magical pursuits, most of them hoping to also extend their own life expectancies. Most of these contacts evaporated upon the discovery of the true nature of his research and his subsequent disownment by the Goldaming Family, but several less scrupulous individuals continued to assist him in his efforts both to continue his experiments and to evade capture and punishment for his crimes.

Family Ties

Artur was once a Goldaming in good standing. Upon discovery of the true nature of his research he was unanimously disowned by the Council of Elders, his research notes confiscated, and his secluded lab and cabin destroyed. Artur himself was relentlessly hunted across Fillimet. Once located, the Goldaming judgment was quick and absolute.

Social Aptitude

Artur had a particular talent for persuasion which he used to great effect to further his research, both for gaining support and for enticing his victims. This allowed him to continue his research for quite a long time in spite of the attentions drawn by the disappearances.

Hobbies & Pets

Artur had a secret love of music, and would play the Crystalline Chimes of his own invention to calm his nerves. This instrument consisted of a set of musical chimes constructed using magically crystalized tyrellium. It was discovered when raiding his lab and was fortunately rescued from destruction. Efforts to duplicate his instrument have failed, leaving the Crystalline Chimes the only one in existence.


Artur always spoke with an air of bravado, captivating his audience with tales of his exploits and future discoveries. He had a tendency to purr when particularly excited about the topic at hand. His voice was captivating and warm, to the point where new acquaintances quickly felt as if they were a member of his inner circle, but Artur kept no inner circle aside from his own company.

Wealth & Financial state

As a member of the Goldaming Family Arthur had birthright access to the family treasury through approved research grants. His personal funds were mostly attained through donations from wealthy citizens of Fillimet eager to support his research in the hope they, too, could attain immortality. As a result of these sources Artur was able to live a modestly comfortable life in his remote cabin, devoting his time entirely to his magical research, until the true nature of his research was discovered.
Circumstances of Death
Artur was executed by the Goldaming family for murdering and splintering the souls of hundreds of innocent travelers.
The Goldaming Estate
Gold with green flecks
Shorthair with longer ear tufts
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tawny orange fur with white accents
6 ft 9 in
210 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
We are gods among men, and gods are not meant to die.
— Artur Goldaming
Music is its own magic, more capable of captivating audiences than any spell. All you need are the right notes.
— Artur Goldaming
Aligned Organization

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