Zombies are physical, soulless bodies belonging to healed, formerly dead individuals who have declined to return to their mortal bodies after their souls have ascended to the higher planes. They most often occur when a healer manages to heal a dead body (such as one preserved via Cryonics) but the former inhabitant does not wish to return to the living.   With the help of Necromancy, Curative Magic, and Cryonics, today zombies are often used to provide a second chance at life to some dying individuals who cannot be cured through traditional medicine.  

Physical State


Without their original soul the bodies of zombies degrade faster than the usual wear and tear of their species, even when given proper care by an attentive individual. Zombies do not understand personal self care and so those left to their own devices tend to degrade even faster. This is why Cryonics is the preferred method of maintaining the physical integrity of a zombie intended for transplant.  

Shadows of Life

Zombies require nutrients for survival, of the same types required when they had souls. Their methods of obtaining food depend upon the instincts hardwired into their species, as a zombie has limited critical thinking on its own without the inhabiting soul. They do retain some memory imprints from the soul originally occupying their body, and so are prone to empty mimickry of some of the actions and routines from their life.  


When the former occupant of a body declines to return upon its resurrection, even when provided with Necromantic assistance, another soul can be bound to the body. Just as lawful resurrection require the willingness of the resurrected individual, the legal reuse of another's body also requires permission from the former occupant. This can be obtained prior to or after that individual's death. The use of another's body to prolong the physical life of a soul on the mortal planes is referred to as Skinlodging.  

Soul Binding

While a soul may choose to return willingly to their own body with only guidance from a necromancer, the binding of a soul to the empty body of another requires Rune Magic. These runes are legally required to allow the new occupant to depart the body of their own free will upon its death, to allow for the soul's humane passage into the next phase of life upon the body's death. Omitting this clause will permanently bind the soul to the body, regardless of its present state. This is one of the leading causes of the Undead.  

Medical Care

Skinlodgers require regular trips to a Healer for body restoration and renewal. Curative Magic can slow and in some cases even reverse this degradation, although of course the average lifespan of a transplanted body is much shorter than that of an original.

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Grandmaster AzounIV
Luca Poddighe
28 Jan, 2021 17:52

Very good article! Although I have found a typo (I think it's the first time I find one in your articles!) "a healer managers to heal a dead body", I suppose you meant "manages". Sorry if I seem picky...

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28 Jan, 2021 18:04

Oooh, thanks for the catch! My autocorrect sometimes adds its own thoughts to my articles. I did catch all the times it changed "soul" into "soil" but completely missed this manager one.   Fixed! Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention! (You are not picky at all, I appreciate the help.)

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Grandmaster AzounIV
Luca Poddighe
28 Jan, 2021 18:14

You do great, believe me... My articles (I don't use any corrector) are full of them, so I use them as reading exercise for my daughter that enjoys a lot finding my mistakes!

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3 Feb, 2021 01:30

I love your interpretation of zombies, and I love how this links into your cryonics article. :D

3 Feb, 2021 03:09

I have too much fun tying everything together. <3 So glad you are enjoying it!

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3 Mar, 2021 18:55

I like that zombies are technically neutral, just a name for a soulless body, and not necessarily evil or to be feared. Well done, as always!

Kahuna the Elder aka Leo - www.kahunatheelder.com Creator of Arnathia
3 Mar, 2021 20:23

Nobody is evil just for existing. It's something I have tried to carry through my writing. I am glad you enjoy it!

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