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Psychic Magic

Psychic Magic encompasses all the magics of the mind, particularly centered around emotions, memories, and communication. It has been split into three subcategories: Psychometry, Psychomorphation, and Telepathy. These magics are particularly important in the communications and mental health industries.


Psychic Magic is divided into three subclasses, focusing on the intent and level of interaction with their spells.  


The magic of Empaths, Psychometry allows for the reading of others' emotions and strongly-associated memories. Because this also works on objects or locations most archeology expeditions include at least one Empath. This class of magic also permits a caster to sense the intentions of another.  


Allowing for the alteration of an individual's emotions, intentions, and memories, Psychomorphation is acknowledged as one of the most dangerous known schools of magic. Those trained in Psychomorphation are registered and tracked as knowing the skills, and most governments require them to maintain licensing to practice. The technology has proven particularly effective in the field of mental health.  


Telepathy centers on the use of mental links for communication, including sharing memories and experiences. Telepathy also allows for communication across language barriers, including with animals, although these effects only last the duration of the link.
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Access & Availability
Empaths provide Psychometry services for both healthcare and archeology. Psychic Therapists use Psychomorphation to provide mental health treatments. Telecommunicaters allow for long-distance Telepathy. The people of Fillimet have ready access to Psychic Magic services.
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