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Port of Knowledge

Once an industrial but unnamed port town constructed to serve the Mines of Martoka, Port of Knowledge is now a thriving scholarly city centered around the collection of items and documents of historical interest for the Fillimet Magical Archives and the housing of scholars seeking to study the FMA's Collection.


Port of Knowledge, as with most of Martoka Island, falls under the control of the Fillimet Magical Archives. The town has a town council chosen by election to govern day to day affairs outside of the FMA's interests. The FMA provides monetary assistance for maintaining the seaport, airdocks, and other structures integral to their knowledge collection efforts. The town is responsible for obtaining the rest of the funding it requires through trade and taxation.


As a city under the Fillimet Magical Archives, Port of Knowledge falls under the protection of the Martoka Archival Defense. These include layers of magical protections cast around the island, both actively and through well-maintained runed wards.


True to its name, Port of Knowledge has has a seaport for Sea Skimmers and an airdock for Airships to allow ease of transporting documents to the Fillimet Magical Archives. By decree of the FMA there are no portals to the Portal Exchange on Martoka Island.


Port of Knowledge was originally a small port town to supply the Mines of Martoka and send out the mined Salt for trade. It had few residents, mostly dock workers, who simply called it "the port".   Soon after the preservation powers of salt were confirmed as effective on items and paper in addition to food the Fillimet Magical Archives was founded, renting an empty section of the mine to store their collected valuables and manuscripts. As the size of the FMA's Collection grew, so did their prominence, and eventually the FMA acquired the full rights to the mine itself and Martoka Island as a whole.   This was when the town acquired its official name, Port of Knowledge, to reflect its new ownership and ideals. Since this time the industrial town has grown into a scholarly city. While still supporting the mining efforts and providing the means to transport their mined resources across Fillimet, Port of Knowledge now primarily allows for the acceptance of items and tomes into the Collection as well as a safe harbor for those seeking to visit and research the items within its stacks.
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Oct 20, 2019 11:07

A cool idea, however, the history did not explain why the newly formed FMA chose this small town to house their archives. I'd love it if a bit more of explanation was provided for that.

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