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Mines of Martoka

Originally founded as a Salt mine, the Mines of Martoka now also boasts the largest and oldest collection of documents and artifacts in the world. As sections of the still active salt mine are depleted they are converted into new storage areas for the Collections of the Fillimet Magical Archives. These archives have been maintained for several millennia, and are open to the public as a library for those who can afford its fees.

Purpose / Function

The Mines of Martoka were originally dug due to the discovery of a rather large Salt deposit. As the salt mine grew in size, so did the desire to find a new purpose for the open space. Eventually it was discovered that the salt-lined caves provided a safe location for storing documents, and the Fillimet Magical Archives was founded.

Sensory & Appearance

The air in the mine is cool, dry, and salty. The reading area is lit with the warm, friendly glow of a magical orb of light.

Contents & Furnishings

A small section containing a pair of tables with a variety of chairs has been set aside near the entrance for study of artifacts and documents from the Collections. A desk sits between the study room and the Collections, manned by a member of the Fillimet Magical Archives deeply absorbed in the study of an item from one of the Collections. A helpful, self-translating sign announces "Collections Catalog Search Assistance". Beyond, rows and rows of shelving and cabinets, seemingly crammed into every available pocket of space, crowd the spent caverns of the mine, fading into the darkness.


The Mines contain a vast collection of archives of countless topics recorded on multiple mediums and collected across millennia. The collections are magically archived, easily accessible to members of the Fillimet Magical Archives, and available for in-mine study to the public for the right price.

Hazards & Traps

In addition to the magical wards cast by the Fillimet Magical Archives to protect the collections, the Martoka Archival Defense also patrols the mine and surrounding area.

Special Properties

The walls of the mine are crusted in layers of salt, providing a moisture wicking barrier that assists in protecting the collections. Magical protections shimmer in the air to provide extra defense against the elements, theft, tampering, and the ravages of time.
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