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Game Warden

Game Wardens maintain the natural balance of the wilderness within their territories, patrolling and protecting creatures and the land itself as needed. They utilize natural magic and survival skills in equal measure.



Game Wardens are responsible for maintaining the health of the wilds within their territories. This means tracking poachers and monitoring wildlife populations, as well as patrolling to monitor potential magical exposure hotspots due to the Third Law of Magic. They also assist travelers within their domain, tracking missing people or saving visitors from wildlife or the wilds.

Social Status

Wardens are generally considered powerful self-sufficient loners who prefer the open skies and deepest forests to maintaining any sort of relationships. While this is true in some fringe cases the majority of Wardens are extremely social amongst each other, sharing information and tips through communication spells and nature markers. Many also enjoy educating the general public about the creatures within their patrol range and ways an individual can help protect the natural balance.



The office of a Game Warden is the territory of their patrol. Always outdoors, Wardens are also known to stay overnight within their zone of influence and frequently carry standard adventurers' equipment to assist in their journey. Some Wardens also adventure within their territories, defending and saving those in need and sometimes questing for others provided their needs align with the Warden's role of defending the balance of nature.

Provided Services

Game Wardens track and apprehend poachers, monitor creature populations, and assist individuals traversing their territories. Game Wardens are taught spellwork to assist in these task, such as how to sense creatures within range through imprints of a footprint, or basic calming spells to utilize on wildlife threatening the Warden or visitors to the wilds.   Wardens are also trained in magical detection to enable identification of locales over saturated with magical exposure. Once identified they assist in quarantine and cleanup efforts, particularly in efforts to restrict wildlife access to the impacted area.

Dangers & Hazards

As protectors of the wilds, Game Wardens face threats from aggressive wildlife, dangerous forces of nature, and individuals threatening the balance of nature through poaching or over harvesting. They are well trained in combat techniques and many train in basic magical techniques for self-defense.
Alternative Names
Gamekeeper, Wildlife Officer
Agricultural / Fishing / Forestry
Game Wardens are the Law in the wilds of their territories. They protect their lands and those who tread upon it, maintaining the natural order and the overall health of nature and its creatures.
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