The title of Dragonkin is awarded to a non-dragon who has earned the respect of a Soulfire Feral Dragon through intelligence, wit, or artistic talent. The title is respected by other soulfire dragons, and typically acknowledged but otherwise ignored by feral dragons of the Tlaxxi and Lurienne.


An individual must earn the full respect of a Soulfire dragon. This is typically earned through proving one's intelligence, wit, or artistic talent. If the dragon feels these displays are equal to those of the best soulfire dragons the dragon may award the title, at their discretion.


The awarding dragon marks the recipient with some of their own magic, typically through a controlled bite of the individual's hand. The wound will heal quickly, and ever after will display the mark of the awarding soulfire dragon when in the presence of other feral dragons.


A Dragonkin must uphold the values and societies of the Soulfire dragons. They must not work against the soulfire or their pursuit of collections, but rather request an audience with the dragon to settle the dispute as is the tradition of the Soulfire.


Soulfire dragons officially recognize Dragonkin as equal in intelligence to feral dragons. Those with this title can walk among the soulfire as equals with full draconic rights excluding the authority to name another as Dragonkin.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

The validity of a Dragonkin's position comes from the Soulfire dragon who awarded the title. If the dragon is disgraced the Dragonkin may request a review to reinstate their title.
Academic, Honorific
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Length of Term
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