Tlaxxi Feral Dragons value individual strength and courage. The males spar frequently amongst each other to practice their skills, and stronger females have been known to participate as well.   Tlaxxi are also known to hunt for sport rather than for food, and many build collections of their trophies from these endeavors. It is not uncommon for these hunts to include sentient non-dragon species.


Beauty Ideals

The strongest males are the most attractive, with Tlaxxi who have survived scars from battle and retained their strength being theost attractive. Beauty standards regarding females are more varied, as some male Tlaxxi feel the partnership of a strong female is an impressive achievement while others believe the ability to protect the most helpless of females shows their own physical prowess.

Gender Ideals

Tlaxxi dragons are a patriarchal society built upon the strength of males in asserting their authority. Females and children are viewed as assets to protect and ways to display a male's prowess. Young are raised by the females.

Courtship Ideals

Courtship typically involves a feat of strength, a feat of devotion, and a feat of intelligence. The Tlaxxi males compete to show their strength in body, heart, and mind to overpower their chosen mate. Males are not limited to a single female and it is not uncommon for the strongest males to claim multiple mates.

Relationship Ideals

Females are responsible for the well being of their offspring. They typically reside in small groups with several females, raising their young together. These grouped females usually share the same male mate although females mated with younger, weaker males will frequently group together to share the protection of each other's mates.   Females teach their young how to identify appropriate fruits and vegetables for consumption, as well as how to locate suitable caves or ruins for roosting. While some females also teach their children to hunt for meat this role more often falls to the male Tlaxxi once their offspring reach adolescence.
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