Chromatic Hut

The chromatic hut is a standard Rol'nara style of family dwelling in the tropical regions of Rol'na, found commonly in their private villages tucked away from the visitors to The Portal Exchange. It is designed as a sleeping place and a storage area for treasured belongings and clothing, and to keep out the rain while still allowing the flow of chilled air via a Circulator. Like all things Rol'nara it is typically dyed in bright cheerful colors.

Purpose / Function

The huts of the Rol'nara are typically used only for sleeping purposes and storage of valued possessions and clothing. The weather in the tropical region is generally mild, aside from a weeks-long rainy season consisting of constant but gentle rain showers, so the huts are built to protect their contents from rainfall while still allowing airflow.   The flow of wind and air currents through the huts is important due to the warm, tropical temperatures. Most huts also utilize a Circulator to move and chill the air, and allow families a respite from the heat during the hottest hours of the afternoon.


The square huts are designed to house a smaller family while a larger rectangular hut is intended for housing large families or extended families. The larger huts are also designed to allow its use as two unique but connected dwellings if needed. The majority of the hut is constructed of materials from the Chromatic Palm, with the exception of its framework which is typically constructed of wood.


A square chromatic hut housing a smaller family will typically have a single entrance while a rectangular hut for a larger family will have two, one on each side, with a woven palm fiber divider to separate the house halves if needed.


A Rol'nara hut is typically constructed from materials from the Chromatic Palm, with basic wooden supports to provide framework. The walls are woven of rope from the palm fibers, frequently dyed in bright colors before weaving. Purple dyes made from the palm's unripened fruit are a particular favorite. The hut's roof is generally thatching constructed of whole palm fronds, frequently tied to or woven into a loose weaving of chromatic palm rope.
Alternative Names
Standard Rol'nara Hut
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I liked your take on palm houses.   There was one bit that I didn't quite understand though: "before weaving Purple" What is purple? Maybe a tooltip like you had in other words exclusive to your world would help out.

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Ha ha, that's just a missing period courtesy of typing it up on my phone. I'll add the word dye though too so it says "Purple dye" to make it clearer. Thanks for catching that!

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