Jamie Baret-Explorer and Naturalist

(they, them, their)

Explorer and Naturalist, Jamie Barret cirumnavigated the Seven Seas, much of The UnderWorld and a large part of Broceliande. He was considering vacationing on Earth, but then he saw the sheer quantity of rubbish a party of humans had left behind and said.
If these earthsiders are in any way representative of their fellows, then Earth must be a steaming cesspool not fit for swamp rats. As such, the adventure is too terrifying for even one such as myself who has faced down dragons, deathworms, and dreadbeasts.
  Jamie famously always travels with their magic pen and a sketch pad to create the epic serials: Travels into Remote Nations and other locations of the World of Broceliande and The Dungeon Crawlers Guide to Disastrous Adventure   Jamie's exploits are so well known that it seems redundant to repeat them. His books are massively popular within the library, and many bards rank them amongst their favourite. Especially the adventures of Dream City and the mile-wide bed.
The bed was not in fact a mile wide, but built for giants
— @Abigail

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Jamie Barret is very silent about their history before the age of fifteen when they first made a splash as the youngest adventurer to ever make it past a sphinx.


None known, although there was clearly some education as an archer and as a beserker, axe-weilding maniac

Failures & Embarrassments

Being dropped from an adventuring team for being too short, despite being five feet taller than the shortest member of the party.

Morality & Philosophy

I plan to leave Broceliande more beautiful than I found it, and to inspire a new generation of explorers who will, instead of murder and mayhem, take pictures as souvenires of their travels

Jamie Baret's Books

Jamie's adventures can be read about in The Adventures of Jamie Barret and Jamie Baret's Travels into Remote Nations and other locations of the World of Broceliande
Date of Birth
23/4/ 1905
Year of Birth
1905 117 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Current Residence
The Library of Alexandria
Presented Sex
Gender Identity
My gender identity is none of your business. I don't see why I should conform to your bias.
— Jamie Barret
Hazel eyes, always looking to the distance
His hair is brown with green and gold tones
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark brown skin. His right cheek has a large scar, either from a dragon claw as he insists, or an illegal duel
5' 4''

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