The Matriarchs Legion (Mhirriah's Legion)

This is for our sons and husbands, our fathers and brother.

When the seven gods traveled to the domain of war, The matriarch watched the battlefield for years. Her gaze fixed upon the carnage in horror and something strange like a longing or maybe a form of admiration. She studied the countless warrior's and unlike The tyrant, who saw something decidedly entertaining, she saw discipline, structure, and most of all, she saw their skill. She loved this skill and the way their bodies moved, after a time, she began to love the warriors themselves. Many of them would be her lovers, used and studied to better understand how and why they do what they do.
She immersed herself in the battle and learned all the ways of war she could. When she returned, she took the mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters of Ozlith and gave them the power to avenge the loss of the men they loved. She trained with them and fought in the endless battles along side her chosen few. For every kill they claimed, the centurions would whisper the names of their sons and scour the battlefield for the sacred cloth over every Ozlithian mans heart to ensure he wont go nameless.

While the tyrant saw the joy of war, the matriarch saw the skill. She studied long and hard to find the best way to craft the sack if flesh that is the body into a machine of war. Her centurions reflect this. They scream and cry out to their opponent not as a means to make them better but as a means of proving their superiority. They desire to be the best and will do whatever it takes to do so. It takes a lot to gain a matriarchs respect, and those who do are treated well in death. Those who fall under a matriarchs blessing will have a coin embedded into their forehead. The body is to be left intact. Looting is forbidden under penalty of death.
The Matriarchs were known for their brutal and efficient fighting style. They fought in twos, defending the back of another matriarch. They were often heard screaming at their opponents in rage, slinging insults to demoralize their opponents. They treat each fight as if being judged by their goddess and are one of the vanguard legions used as a primary force against the enemy forces.

Outfitting and Ranking

The martriarchs legions often utilized spears and shields. Their primary weapon was a gladius and they wete generally heavily armored. The matriarchs rarely held more than 7000 women with 2000 reserved. At the head of the legion is the Primus Domina, chosen by the matriarch as the most skilled warrior in the legion. the next tier below belongs to the matron superiors, who are chosen to lead large force consisting of multiple detachments. Leaders of those detachments are matrons followed by squad leaders called dominas, and then the lowest tier of the matriarch centurion.


Training is a long and brutal process that many don't survive. Prospects are driven constantly sometimes without sleep for days at a time. They go through rigorous exorcise in full armor to maintain their health and have numerous rituals they adhere to dedicated to the Matriarch.
Overall training Level

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