The College of The Forge

When Eoln entered, he was met with a flash of heat. It was like a wall that forced him to turn his head. The sounds of metal on metal as the bards sounded off their strikes in perfect rhythm. He turned his face back to look, staring as his eyes adjusted to the darkness highlighted by the white hot glow of the forges around the room. The hammers never ceased, cracking against the heated steel. The bards seemed entranced by the sparks bursting forth and rising to the high ceiling.
Eoln stepped to the side, watching the men and women work diligently. They moved in time with the rhythm. Every sound they made seemed to accentuate the tune. The tune grew complex with the brush of feet on the stone floor that kicked up dust and the grunt and shout as one lifted or called for the weapon on the anvil to be turned.
Their were ten of them, each working on their own forge, each with their own part to play in the composition. One lifted a handle from a workbench, carrying it to the end of the room, another woman did the same, carrying a hilt. They moved with purpose, each striking in turns, shouting before each swing.
Just beyond the singing forge sat a man, Rowan, with his foot resting on a pedal that spun a grindstone. He held a blade, sharpened to a keen edge, with the most beautiful sigils engraved in the metal. His sister, Faye, guided the others, setting the precious gems, laying out each piece on the delicate surface of the singing forge. Rowan stood, appraised the blade, and turned to the forge. The blade slid into the handle, the hilt nestled between them. The twins set aside their tools, their entourage backing away to admire the finale. The hammered stopped, The roar of the forge was the only sound one could hear.

Eoln stepped forward, and watched with anticipation as the twins each picked up a crystalline hammer resting against the singing forge. The sweat glistened as they each brought their hammers back, and down, timing the strike perfectly. The forge let out a chime that rang from the collision. It was deafening and could be heard from outside the college. A bright flash of white light burst from the forge, which now glowed a faint blue. The blade hovered over the forge, a beacon of dwarven history, once lost and refirged anew. Eoln stepped forward to claim it, the ancient treasure of his house and homeland.
The college of the forge found a much needed niche in the world of Bardic Colleges. Much of the world has lost its history, its one of the reasons the bards are the way they are. Bards of the forge seek to reclaim that memory. They are able to reforge the artifacts of bygone years. They have mastered the craft of restoring treasures to their former glory.


The bards of the forge began with two siblings, Faye and Rowan, who share their bardic name. The Forge Twins studied under craftsman the world over, but never found a place they could apply their bardic skill. They then discovered a stone outside of Yithwitch on an unclaimed plot of land in Overdale. They found the stone to have restorative properties, and experimented with various methods on how to utilize it. Eventually they crafted the singing forge from the stone, finding that it can only restore artificial objects. The House of Kilns was erected around it, where they teach those who attend the fine art of restoring the most ancient of treasures.

The House of The Forge

The House of The Forge acts as a base of operations for the college. It lies in overdale and remains isolated from civilization as a whole. The bards within often spend their days practicing their craft, forging weapons and armor both old and new.
There are two rooms in the entire building. One is a basement which houses the vault, an Armory filled many ancient artifacts that have been reforged by the bards of the college. 
The second room consists of the remaining parts of the building. 10 forges line the walls with the many trappings of the craft. The ceiling is high, with several chimneys that filter out the smoke.

The Singing Forge is at the end of the long hall at the top of a short series of steps like a stage. The Forge Twins work The Singing Forge which is the secret to the college's success. 
The forge's unique properties of restoration allow them to bring new life into object brought to them.

Tuning Stone

Tuning Stone is the substance that the Singing Forge is made of. The stone that The Forge Twins found was massive, and they carved The Singing Forge from less than a tenth of its mass. Every bard of the college has a finely chisled piece of this stone that they carry with them, along with a crystalline hammer forged from the same substance, called a Tuning Hammer.  When struck the stone sings, when struck with its own material however,  its voice projects in dramatic fashion, and its restorative properties are unlocked.

Joining the College

Joining the College of the Forge can be a lengthy process as it requires one to prove they have knowledge necessary in metallurgy and blacksmithing. The forges of the college can be rather temperamental, acting as arcane items and requiring attunement before they can be properly used. If an applicant fails to be able to attune to forge they are not even considered for entry. Other qualifications include:

  • Applicant must have and showcase a deep understanding of historical lore.


The College of The Forge centers its theme on the recovery and creation of lore surrounding legendary artifacts. They wish to regain the history that has been lost over time, and slowly rebuild it with every composition.

A Thesis On The Forge

There is a particular feeling when the hammer strikes, power. The sound that rings in your ears long after the fires cool, the musical notes and key. The smoke and spark that rises in response is the paint. The shout and melody hummed in tune is the song.

You never force it. Let gravity do the work for you. Let the hammer fall on the core, where the heat is centered. If you drive it down yourself, you'll tire easy. The task is a slow one, such is the nature of any art. It takes as long as it takes. The forge is chaos, and from it, bards of the forge restore and create.
Mind the song. This is a dangerous game. Be aware of your surroundings and others within it. Then again, burns are lessons you learn, written in flesh.

Routine - Time's Corrosion

Bards of the Forge know the power of time. In the end, even the finest steel rusts and fades away. The bards use the sorrow of such a fact, and will the same upon the weapons of their enemies. With each passing moment, the bard funnels the power of their medium into any artificial object of their choice. The longer they do this, the closer the object comes to crumbling to dust.

Composition: Forge

This composition can only be done out of combat. It requires a forge, and the board can fashion a weapon or piece of armor rivaling the finest craftsmanship in the world. The composition requires time, and alot of it. The composition must be completed before the bard is freed from the allure of the burning force they work. They hum and shout in tube with the roaring of the forge and the striking of their hammer. The bard is able to produce a mastercrafted piece of equipment.

Routine - Former Glory

The bard has a natural sense of what has value and what does not, allowing them to appraise any object they come across. The bard can learn of secrets contained under the layers of rust and decay. This routine allows the bard to appraise items that could be worth restoring to their former glory.

Composition - Restore

This composition must utilize a piece of the singing forge, which all members have in their possession. Under no circumstance can a bard of the forge restore something without it. The bard will carefully reforge the item, leading up to the finale. To finish the composition, the pieces are put together and the item is set on the Tuning Stone. The bard then carefully aims with their Tuning Hammer, and strike, causing a wonderous spectacle as the item is brought back to life.

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