The city of crimes

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In the far east of Estalia just before you reach The Weir Ocean travelers will come across the walled city of Calhurst. Its architecture is fashioned of stone, its streets surprisingly clean, and the domed citadel at its heart serves as a seat of power for those who can claw their way to the top. Once a small ghost town overrun by beasts from the sea, the settlement became a penal colony where criminals and undesirables are sent to be forgotten. The walls are unmanned by Estalians soldiers. In fact Estalia has no power there, nor does it need to. The gates will open to any and all who wish to go in. Leaving however, is another matter entirely.


Calhurst is a melting pot of races and culture. Humans however are in the majority. people from all walks of life end up here regardless of profession or class.


Calhurst would technically be considered its own separate state from Estalia if Estalia didn't supply the many goods it needs to function. Its government, while unknown to most Estalians, is a matter of great discussion among the nobility. Calhurst has a blend of numerous forms of government. There is a king, but elected representatives are also present and often have checks and balances over that king. Their is also a group of movers and shakers who enforce laws of economy. The wealthy men and women of The Merchant Tribunal , are not chosen or elected, but rather take their power in what they refer to as "civil disputes." Turf wars fought for control of the cities 19 districts. These disputes forbid pillaging of any kind, tho anyone found out of their homes when the fighting begins are free game. Calhurst is always shifting hands of power as those who aspire to greatness take it block by bloody block.


The walls are the only true defense of Calhurst. The walls appear unstable but many attempts from both would be invaders on the outside and prisoners within have proved overwise. The walls are dense and the damge done during a nights siege will be restored well before sunrise. Withing the walls are strange enchanted rods that will not allow the walls to be fully destroyed. These enchantmentsestablish a barrior as wall. A wall of magic preventing any who cross it from crossing it again. This knowledge is kept confidential as many need only that information alone to breach the wall.

Industry & Trade

Calhurst is kept afloat through the combined efforts of artisans, merchants, and materials and goods from The Estalian Government the Raw goods are sent in to be refined and shaped. These goods are then sold back. A method of rehabilitation for short sentences is to teach the convict a trade. This system allows Estalia to fuel its many agendas without much loss of money and keeps those in Calhurst busy, paid and free to do whatever they may.


Most of the time building in Calhurst is spent on building residences for new arrivals. Markets abound as do taverns and buildings of industry. whatever is needed.


large amounts of wealth are stored in the vaults beneath the citadel, but wealth is not the true asset of Calhurst. Calhurst is a repository for the best criminals around.The kings of Estalia routinely employed prisoners of Calhurst throught the ages.

Guilds and Factions

While many small time guilds and factions appear day in and day out their are only a select few worth mentioning. The Doves for example are a thieves guild who openly gave themselves up to enter Calhurst in full force. Half the guild remained outside of the walls and routinely throw stolen goods in need of fencing over the walls. These goods are often sold back to Estalian nobles or law enforcent only to be stolen again when returned. The Black Doves are a stubborn thorn in the side of enforcers but their skill with blades and stealth would make anyone think twice of crossing them. They have taken much of the southern districts of Calhurst and hold on to them with brutal efficiency. The Tribe is another faction who holds sway of the western districts. These mercenaries and murderers murderers act as security for anyone whou will pay. They dont take well to challenge and are prone to killing first and never really asking questions at all. Then you have the Calhurst seven, a merchants guild who utilize money, extortion, and bribery to secure both the northern and eastern districts. Each of these three factions buy the loyalty of smaller gangs and guilds to secure their territories and push the front lines where fighting is common.


Calhurst was established 500 years before the present day. Within 20 years the settlement was abandoned after routine attacks from creatures of the see. It stood as a ruin until The Roux Dynasty took power. The walls were commissioned and built and the army was sent to clear the city of beasts. When the first batch of convicts were released, they were met with a sorry sight. Every building (at least the ones still standing) seemed unfinished with water damage, poor foundations, and little to no shelter from the elements. Windows were shattered and roofs leaked while the soil needed constant work before even basic and low maintenance crops could be planted. After petitioning the king only once, a small detachment of experts in their field were sent to restore the buildings, teach how to build more, restore fertility in the soil and teach farming. Eventually the colony began to show signs of prosperity. Any criminal who knew a trade was offered a shorter sentence if served with little to no pay in Cainhurst plying their trade and training those who wished to learn.


Architecture in Calhurst is fairly basic with clay and sandstone as primary building materials. These pueblos insulate the environment within and can always be altered and added onto. Wood building s are not seen outside of the central districts which were the first districts established. The whole city is of brown and tan with shades of red on the rooftops. Doors are often wood with reinforced doors and basic locks. Decoration is seldom a sight seen save for the upper class areas of the city. These homes often feature luxurious items such as silver dish ware. In the lower class districts one is lucky to have a house plant. Most decor is handmade and put together with whatever can be found like bone wind chimes with colored clay shards from broken pottery.


The terrain surrounding Calhurst is a sprawling plain and grassland to the south small hills line the Estallian and Mhiriah border. The water of the weir ocean is thr main source of water. It must be purified and boiled first.

Natural Resources

Fertile soil and crops. Almost all that the city needs comes from elsewhere
Alternative Name(s)
Calhurst, Calhurst Prison
A census is never taken at Calhurst, though about 6-10 thousend people have chosen or were sentenced there over execution among other penalties.
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