The Alabaster Legion

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When the seven gods of Ozlith ventured into the domain of war, Gehova saw pointless distraction. He knew not why they fought, he knew they didn't know either. Gehova was a god of order and justice, a god of peace and serenity. He was the first eldritch angel, and would, long after his death, father the Aldritch.

He turned from the battle, and what he saw before him was a woman. She sat upon a stone stained with blood, her eyes closed as if in deep prayer. Her hands rested palms up in her lap, and she smiled at him as he approached. He found her beautiful im more than just her looks.
"Child," he began "how can you know such peace...this tranquility in such a chaotic place?"
He couldn't even think surrounded by this never-ending war. She studied him with indifferent eyes, unmoved and unphased by his eldritch visage.

She didn't speak for some time as if she didn't fully understand the question. Eventually, she shrugged and said plainly "I was the first to wall this battlefield, I have known war for an eternity. All can say to your question is how can you not be? I see nothing that demands my attention. I have no reason not to be at peace."

This puzzled Gehova. He looked back to the endless waste of life and skill and back to the girl as if insulted. She stopped him before he could speak and scooted to the side, patting the empty space she made, gesturing for him to sit. He did so awkwardly and the first warrior touched what she assumed was his arm.
"Our universe teaches those who listen, god from elsewhere. Water flows and doesn't care where or how, so should we."   He thought on those words making an effort to Loosen the tension that his anxieties brought on.
"The earth is stable and unmoving but it is not without give, or how can rivers flow if the earth does not kindly move aside to allow it. We must be unyielding, but never shut out what we know to be true or ideas that challenge our own. To lie to oneself is a disservice."
She pointed to the battle and for a moment he saw what she meant. The battle had a flow, like a river. It ebbed favoring one side then the other and never cared which. He saw that each warrior fought in this war for reason only known to them. He marveled at the realization. Some even fought for justice. Some fought for peace. She spoke again,
"feel the air, outsider. Feel how it pulses and take in the scent. See how it carries the scents of war? We must carry others to victory in a similar way. Glory is meaningless in solitude.
Then there is lightning and fire. They cast warnings with the thunder. A call to move and be left alone before the strike. Fire only burns when provoked."

"A spark is passive but if it finds itself in the right conditions, it will grow and consume all who oppose it. Mercy is a virtue and in short supply. Give your warning and do not fear death as you will not be the one who seeks it out. In short be the warrior who will never seek to start wars but is more than capable of finishing them.

"There are many elements child. Can they all truly teach? "Only if you listen, outsider." "Then what of the void?" The woman's eyes widened and she spoke quite clearly.
"For years I listened and stared into that abyss. I heard nothing and grew angry for i knew something stared back. A day came, however, that i understood its lesson: the void does not speak, for it has nothing to say. It is peace made manifest, serenity in the inky black. The void is an empty place and its lesson frightened me. To know true serenity, your mind must be the same."
The Alabaster legion was formed be the only named god of Ozlith. Gehova was an eldritch angel. An outsider and a titan of peace and justice. He, who hated war but would not fail his people, returned confused and without much to teach.

His talks with the woman on the rock still heavy on his mind. He pondered and meditated for years after his return and finally formed a legion. The alabaster legion was no longer human, transformed into the Alabastra by drinking of Gehovas blood.

The Alabastra is a servitor race that serves the Aldritch to this day. The centurions were a force that many thought aloof. They didn't fight in any battles but defended the lands of Ozlith in secret. They guarded their nation while the armies were away and no one ever knew about it. To gaze onto eldritch beings is to strike terror into one's heart. Their minds fracture trying to follow their bizarre silhouette .

When Ozlith fell, the angels had left it to die. Abandoned by his people Gehova and his legion left for greener pastures and they were not there to defend when The Infernum came.

Each angel was different preferring their own weapons, gear and even tactics. Being servitors, the legion answered to Gehova himself. No one member of the region enjoyed a rank above another. There was little training involved. Simply imbibing on Gehova’s blood was enough to be inducted. The angels have never been seen by any of the historians in Ozlith. In fact knowledge of this legion is scarce and the only reason its existence its known is due to the Lartasian exiles who made their way to Estoya who told of a race of beings kept secret in Lartasia that stemmed from the Alabaster Legion.
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7 Dec, 2018 16:17

And the Legion reveal continues! Couple things of note. I love that your using the quote to establish lore, but this one in particular is a bit long for the quote box. It just kind of looks funky. With this one maybe it would have been better for The spoiler buttton, or something of the sort. Split up the quote into two pieces perhaps?   I think you'd really benefit from more sidebar use as well. Most of the info in composition would have worked better as sidebar stats in my opinion.   Also, now that you almost have all seven legions fleshed out, you should realllly add them as related to the side bar, or the Footer. Bring it all full circle.   It didn't really say how the Alabaster Legion fits in with the rest. How do they compare to the Widow and Leviathan Legions?

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I absolutely agree and i will try to do a quick format of articles i submit making use of that sidebar. Im slowly getting a feel for the way the site works but it's slow lol. Thank you for your kind words as well and the like and follow. I appreciate it a lot and it really helps drive me to write more.   While all seven legions are written i haven't completely finished them. The alabaster legion has the longest story because of the gods difficulty while the others are shorter and now coupled with quotes from the only source of the info in the world, which i never did to this article. The problem with the alabaster legion is they never fit in, even in the Aldritch world of Ozlith they didn't have a place. When ozlith fell, they weren't even there, having left the nation years before and if the hadnt the nation likely wouldn't have fallen. As far as skill and power, the alabaster legion likely would have been one of the most powerful as they became higher beings upon initiation. Imagine an order of godlike beings as your black ops organization and that's pretty much what they are.

7 Dec, 2018 17:07

This was a really interesting article - but it suffers from one major readability issue in that it holds long blocks of texts without much white space around to give the eye a break.   What duties were the Alabaster Legion to undertake prior to their desertion? What do they do now? Roughly how many are there?   Furthermore, I agree with Tikal on linking content in your sidebar. There's good stuff here, but it's a little hard to find enough information to tie it all together.

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Thanks for the comment and like and your kind words. Formatting is an issue I will get to and I agree that related articles, especially with the seven legions, desperately needs to be there for continued reading. Currently what I have is the category on the table of contents which has all the information there but I can't expect anyone to know this at all. I will fix this for sure. I also think my pages layout needs some work, breaks and proper formatting.   If you want other legions and ozlith itself I can certainly link it to you and return critiques you give if any.   As far as your questions: The alabaster leggions was more secretive. Think national security, black ops, kind of things. While people knew the legion existed, few people in ozlith ever got to see them.   While my players won't know this for some time, Gehova and his legion left ozlith and eventually settled in lartasia, a place I haven't written yet, on the glimmersea, land made from the body of gehova. As far as how many there are, while unknown I'll say about 2000, but the Alebastra, that's not a typo its the name of the race, are what those 2000 became. Present day their are tens of thousands

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Also thanks so much, I'm glad you liked them :)

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I'm unfamiliar with the Legion here, so a bit not information in that regard would be helpful. Reading through, I found it difficult to comprehend what exactly I was reading. What you have under the quote feels like I'm being preached at from a holy book, as opppsed to being informed by a teacher.   Are any of the Alabastar named, have they given way to legend and myth? Or are they vastly forgotten? Otherwise, its a very flavorful article, and I will look forward to reading the rest and watching you gain familiarty with the site!

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And the picture just loaded. Thats pretty dang cool looking!

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Sorry it took so long hope you can answer but what's unfamiliar, the concept of the legions or this particular one? Sorry, i misunderstand thanks so much for the like and comment as well, it keeps me going. So I'll be fixing format soon I've already found several ways to make this better including linking the other articles.   On your other points   The quote is actually from a character in the campaign who has an entire story and personal experiences with the legion, too long to explain as it makes her...really old. Ozlith and the legions and its fall are the stuff of legend and many worship its last empress who led her people to their current nation. So yeah it is mythical and kind of like a holy text and i hope that's a good thing lol it was intended but let me know if it a bad thing and what I can do. I forgot to link the article to whole story which may be the reason. When they left, Gehova died and numerous named members rose from the ranks and became the Aldritch Titans...who don't have an article yet. They are forgotten in that they are believed to be long gone. Lol also yes the artwork i use is based on Christian apocryphal angels. Here's the artist and more if you want it lol

13 May, 2019 22:22

A very interesting and robust article. The angels strike an almost eerie but commanding image. Very well chosen art.

13 May, 2019 23:00

I love his art quite a bit and it is one of the major Inspirations that let me to creating them. I wanted Ozlith to be a representation of Rome but also a lovecraftian horror in and of itself, Ozlith is filled with all kinds of strange

13 May, 2019 23:08

It reminded me of , but upon closer inspection, it's from there, so it makes sense.   I loved the art as well and was heavily considering using it for my Gods and Goddesses, but I already took an abstract theme with their superiors, the entities, so I opted to ground them out a bit. Still, great choice.

13 May, 2019 23:19

Ooooo I'm intrigued. Will have to look at that

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