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The power of healing

The ground shook as an artillery spell hit the wagon behind them. Geary shuddered as wooden shrapnel shot in all direction, the wagon burst into a torrent of flames in a fraction of a second. He tried to cintain his breathing, lest he be harrased by the others again. His armor was heavy, stomach empty, and he forgot to sharpen his sword that morning. He could hear his superior shouting in his head. Perhaps it would better if he died.
His attention turned to those around him, each man and woman had their own worries. Some prayed, some simply stared into space, but the man beside him was smiling, almost excited. When Geary met the man's eyes, he somehow felt more secure.
"Hey," the man asked, placing his hand on Geary's shoulder, "you okay?"
The sound of the mans voice seemed to calm all in the wagon. It was like a weight lifted off of them, a weight they all shared, crammed together in the confines of the brittle wooden walls. Geary didn't answer, staring in awe at the man's deneanor. The man stroked his thick unkept beard, his smile never fading.
"Worry," the man said, "worry can be the death of you. It's bad for the mind. I'll take care of you, no need to be so anxious. My name is Dausan." He reached out and shook Geary's hand...

Often referred to as Restoration, Arcana Renovatio is an Arcane Genre focused on healing and protection. Arcanists travel from place to place providing many services to those who need it. They place wards to offer peace of mind. They often repair and enhance the body to offer renewal and vigor, and rejuvenate the soul as they pick through thoughts to heal those whose injury is more than skin deep.  

A Lust for Life

While any mage can learn the genre, those focus in it tend to have a remarkable fascination and love of life. They are optimistic to a fault, and often give in to excess just to taste the precious wonder life is. It takes a special kind of person to learn all three Choirs, the branches of the genre that focus on different methods of restoration. The desire to heal comes from a desperation they feel within. They want others to know how beautiful life is, and that desire gives them power.  

Virtue and vice

A trait rarely seen among other genres of magic, restoration requires only the most basic forms of Attunement to cast its spells, but also needs a keen understanding of anatomy, psychology, and metaphysical physiology. The energy can be cast over a wound, but without the knowledge on how to repair it, the results could be unsettling.

Healing a stab wound is not as easy as it looks. A stab that punctures a lung is fatal, but if one knows hoe the lungs work, how their structured and what facilitates their function, such a wound can be repaired. This alone is not enough, however, since it is likely blood has spilled into the lung. Any mage who uses restoration must be wise to take these things into account, or their patient will die from drowning as opposed to suffocation. The wound must also be sterilized, or you will trap the infection inside the body when it heals.

It can be exhausting to be a healer on the battlefield, but their lust for life often grants a second wind. The specialized mages in this genre have their own virtues and gives that, when indulged, grant them their own renewal to continue their good work. This is their method of Attunement, allowing them to tap into the power within.

Do No Harm

Many who practice the genre are zealous pacifists. They do not wish to cause the very thing they dedicate their lives to fixing. This puts them at odds with practitioners of other genres, too often see them as holier-than-thou hypocrites, as many would refuse to heal without proper payment and therefore, profit from the very things they refuse to engage in.


Many practitioners of restoration are not Mages who wander the battlefield healing the wounded. A growing portion of those who practice genre include Alchemists and apothecaries who seek to create concoctions that restore and enhance those who use them.

Practitioners of the genre often specialize in the study of botanicals and their scientific uses in medicine. By enhancing these solutions with their Arcane abilities, the effects can be exponentially increased and the time it takes for the effects to occur can be brought to mere seconds.


Restoration began with The Alfen and wouldn't branch to the other races until Ozlith began bringing elven tribes onto the empire. The genre was more methodical, more hollow than it is today. It was calculated and cold in the hands of the elves who used it for little more than to prolong the lives of their soldiers in battle. Humans saw potential for so much more, a means to improve the quality of life for all.

While other genres, such as Arcana Sanguis, grant the ability to heal, the idea that simply knowing the intricacy of nature's design could grant the ability to heal was revolutionary. Before this, healing required sacrifice, and often came with its own downsides. It is theorized that restoration is one of many reasons the empire of Ozlith grew to such size.

From then to the present, there has been little in the way of development for the genre. Occasionally a new botanical solution is made or a new and more efficient method of doing the same thing is discovered, but The Arcane Manifestations are all accounted for, and the evolution of the general is stagnant.

The Three Choirs

There are three paths established in the genre. These choirs are established methods of healing. The choir of thought is dedicated to the healing and preservation of the mind. The spells found within are focused on healing psychological injuries do a variety of methods. The Choir of Being is dedicated to the healing and protection of the body. They abilities found within are far more physical in nature then the other two choirs, healing the most dire of wounds and making use of protective spells to shield allies. The choir of spirit is the most complex, dedicated to healing the soul. They repair injuries that are more systemic in nature. The soul can only handle so much, and this is a world where the soul is easily tarnished.  

The music came, signaling the call to arms. Everyone in the wagon stood up. Dauson closed his eyes, took in a lung full of air, and scaled slowly. His smile grew wider with every passing moment. Geary was in the worst possible place. The first one out of the wagon is usually the first to die. Dauson stood behind him, and again placed his hand on Geary's shoulder.
"I have you." Dauson said, and the stoic tone of his voice washed away the anxiety. Geary saw faint ripples cast over him, a shield that covered him from head to toe. A shout came from the driver, and the wagon gate opened....

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