Arcane Genres

Arcane genres are essentially matters of preference in how one uses magic. Their philosophies on magic, as well as how they manifest and power their spells, are usually influenced by the genres they know. While genres often seem restrictive in What spells can be cast, this is not always the case. Almost any spell a mage of illusions can cast can be cast by say a pyromancer, but that pyromancer will need creativity and practice to do so and the illusions produced will manifest quite differently. There are far too many genres to list in a single space, even listing those that are most popular would be quite a task. For this reason genres are contained in their own articles so that they can be fully explored.
The Arcane: A Primer
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Nov 24, 2019

What is magic?


similar to fighting styles and stances. Forms are broad ways one can use the genre or small tips and tricks to enhance the efficiency of the caster. Many forms are advanced tactics that most learn later on in their practice. An example of a form would be The Drunkard's Waltz. This form is practiced by those who learn Arcana Discordia and involves entering a meditative state that makes one receptive to change and in many ways, able to cause that change. A side effect as the name suggests causes one to act as if intoxicated.
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The Anatomy of Genres

Arcane genres are made of several distinct elements. All genres will have some combination of these elements.  


many genres were created with religious or philosophical ideology as their primary component. An example of this would be Arcana Primum. Used prominently by elementalists, the genre demands a respect of the natural world. Due to the nature of magic and the arcane laws, not all those who use the genre will share the philosophy. Many pick and choose the elements of a genre they want to use.  


spells and talents that are standard in all genres. To continue using Arcana Primum as an example, there are several spells on rote in the genre both in what elements to use as well as how to use them. The element of fire can be cast as a projectile or channeled into a burst of flame that funnels out in front of the caster. Almost any practitioner will know the manifestations. Mages actually list the manifestations and study them. Click here for more on The Arcane Manifestations

The Arcane Genres

Genre may be a strange term when used to depict what are essentially schools of magic. Genre is defined as a category of artistic composition characterized by a particular style, form, or content. Genres are also a matter of preference, and with the arcane, it is no different.

Arcane genres are preferences for how one chooses to perform there Arcane abilities. While many genres do have specific elements that are unique to them, the vast majority of spells one can cast find similarities across all genres. Picking a genre is a deeply personal choice, usually centered around the philosophy, style, and overall aesthetic of the genre that is chosen.

Below is an article that contains a list of Arcane genres. Many of these genres have sub articles attached to them. The Articles listed below are meant to be introductions to the genre as a whole, and the articles below them give further detail into specific elements of the genre. Both the introductory articles and the child articles below them should all be considered one large article.

Arcana Discordia
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Nov 25, 2019

For those who gamble with fate and always seem to win...

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