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City of bridges

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  Athevinel is the capital city of Tiresar, and one of the largest cities on the continent of Aenica with a population of over six hundred thousand. It is built on the banks of the river Gambeli, extending to the river's mouth as it empties into the ocean. It is nicknamed 'the city of bridges' because it contains over one hundred different bridges along its stretch of river.
  Athevinel was founded as a small fishing village nearly five thousand years ago and, as such, has a rich cultural and architectural history. Some scholars believe that the site was inhabited by humans since the moment of the Renewal. Most of the buildings in the city have been built out of the red sandstone and ironbark sequoia combination that is typical in Tiresian architecture. Whilst none of the buildings from the original village remain, the oldest building in the city is the temple to the Fish Mother built over four thousand years ago.

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