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The Largest Continent

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  Aenica is the largest and most populated continent on Etrea, home to around half a billion people and stretching from the polar north to south past the equator. It is currently in the era known as the Long Peace, as no official war has been fought there for the past two centuries.
  The northern half of Aenica is bisected by the mountain range of the Great Northern Spine, making travel almost impossible, whilst in the midlands the eastern and western coasts are connected by Lys's Canal, rendering a months' long journey around the southern tip of the continent unnecessary.
  Aenica contains both the dryest and wettest locations in Etrea. The Burning Flats spreads out west in the shadow of the Spine, cut off from the cold northern air currents by the imposing mountains. In the east, the southern coast of the counry of Nor is characterised by thick swamps and a large patch of tropical rainforest, with some rainstorms in the area lasting for up to a month.
  The Helvian Rainforest, which dominates the country of Helvia, is the single largest rainforest on Etrea, dwarfing the second largest of Viretia by several hundred thousand square miles. It is believed by scholars that this rainforest contains around forty percent of all species of flora, fauna, and fungi on Etrea, with potentially millions undiscovered.

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Jan 22, 2024 21:54

Is this long peace currently on the continent, is it enforced by someone/something? or was the last war so devastating that people lost interest?

Jan 23, 2024 13:20 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

That's definitely something I have to work out. I feel as though it's not currently enforced by anyone but no one wants to be the one to break it.   Thank you for the comment <3

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