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The Renewal

The end and the beginning

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  The Renewal was a catastrophic event that herald the arrival of the Enervant Age.   Across Etrea, sapient species awoke to find themselves sprawled on the ground under an open sky. They had no memories of what had come before, just snippets of dreams that would become less vivid over the following years. Almost all signs of any previous civilisation had been wiped out, with only scant ruins remaining scattered across the globe. One of the most famous of these remnants is the Wall of Daren.   There are many theories as to the cause of the Renewal. One of the most common hypotheses is that the Renewal was caused by a divine being, though the identity of this god varies. It is generally thought to have been a punishment for some terible sin, but a few believe it to have actually been a great reward.   Another theory, popular amongst academics, is that the Renewal was caused by magic gone wrong, whether it was an endeavour by a group or a single person.   Some scholars, on the other hand, believe that the event was caused by some sort of natural disaster. This is generally considered a fringe theory. As of yet, there have been no convincing theories as to how people were left alive whilst most signs of civilisation was destroyed.

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