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The Saumai Envoys


  • Agata has been acting strange since Kilnrest.
  • Misha has isolated herself.
  • Dmitri is quiet and shaken.
  • Lev is increasingly vicious.
  • Tyodor's bones were confiscated by Tyodor and are being kept in the Somnacy Quarters.


  • Synna was killed by Kohliya. Her soul is in a Soul Tome which Allarah gave to Lysjho for safekeeping.
  • Laemon is in good health.
  • Dimmu is in good health.
  • Lysjho is in good health.
  • Mirelle seems to be recovering from Synna's death.


  • Ijin has regained her memories of Vannik, but is increasingly strange.
  • Narissa seems to be in good health, but is shaken.
  • Em is shaken.
  • Stenem is shaken and sick with an unknown malaise.
  • Vannik killed himself back in Vien, under the influence of the Ghost Static.


  • Tskhan is in good health.
  • Allarah is in good health.
  • Immuena was devoured by the The King of Limbs. She has either merged with it, or it is using her form converted to a Bleakheart.
  • Quigley, a Watch, left with Donald.
  • Donald was suddenly recalled to war.
  • Ulysses was suddenly recalled to war.


  • Sorja is in good health and is crafting something below decks.
  • Nashu has recovered from his shoulder wound and is in good health.
  • Morkun is in good health.
  • Gruist is in good health.
  • Vamir was killed in Grit'm by Lev.



Active Side Plots

  • Ijin's Memory
  • Mir's Butterflies
  • Synna's Fate
  • Vamir's Fate
  • Sorja's Totems
  • Unexpected Tea

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